The Baffler Jigsaw Puzzle: Unique jigsaw puzzles
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The Baffler Jigsaw Puzzle

Challenging puzzles with odd-shaped pieces and abstract designs.

The Baffler Jigsaw Puzzle
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  • Baffler Jigsaw Puzzle — Bindu Truss
  • Baffler Jigsaw Puzzle — Spiral of Archimedes
  • Baffler Jigsaw Puzzle — The Nonagon
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The Baffler is a unique twist on the traditional jigsaw puzzle. Instead of using a recognizable image with distinct subject areas, the Baffler's designs are abstract. Furthermore, each piece is a single color and oddly shaped. The Baffler's puzzle tray provides you with your only clues for beginning the jigsaw.

All three puzzles are 7.5 inches square and range in piece count from 67 to 78. Despite the relatively small number of pieces, each Baffler will take 30-45 minutes to solve. Unlike a traditional jigsaw puzzle, the Baffler is meant to be solved over and over.

Available in three styles: The Nonagon, the Spiral of Archimedes, and the Bindu Truss.

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Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 7.5" x 7.5"
  • Spiral of Archimedes: 69 pieces
  • The Nonagon: 67 pieces
  • Bindu Truss: 78 pieces
  • Randomly cut pieces
  • No overlapping images
  • Not intended for children under 3 (small pieces)

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A clever twist on traditional jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are typically square and the pieces are all fairly similar in shape. The completed puzzle is normally a recognizable image with distinct subject areas (sky, trees, lake, 5-pound gummy bear).

The Baffler Puzzle chucks those conventions out the window. Its pieces are oddly shaped and the completed image is an abstract design without any distinct subject areas. Baffling, indeed!

The Baffler Puzzle is one of the most unique jigsaw puzzles around.
The Baffler Puzzle is one of the most unique jigsaw puzzles we've seen.

Unique shapes + no overlapping images = baffling

The Baffler's pieces feature unique and non-traditional shapes. This makes finding two pieces that fit together much more challenging than your run-of-the-mill jigsaw puzzle.

In addition, no part of the final image overlaps onto more than one piece. So, you can't work on the "sky section" of the puzzle. The only clue provided is the shape of the board.

Think you're Mensa material? Try solving the puzzle without the board. You may go insane.

Each of the pieces in the Baffler Puzzle is a unique shape.
Odd-shaped pieces and the lack of distinct subject matter make the Baffler Jigsaw Puzzle quite difficult to solve.

Save for later without tying up your dining room table

Jigsaw puzzles can be tons of fun. However, they can sometimes take weeks to complete. It's certainly frustrating to lose use of your dining room table because your wife is still knee-deep in that 1500-piece "polar bears playing in a snow storm" puzzle.

While the Baffler Puzzle won't take you weeks to complete, its built-in board makes it easy to move even when in-progress.

The Baffler Puzzle is easy to set aside if you're in the middle of solving it.
The Baffler's puzzle tray makes it easy to set aside mid-play.

Choose from 3 puzzle styles

The Baffler is available in the following styles: The Nonagon (67 pieces), The Spiral of Archimedes (69 pieces), and the Bindu Truss (78 pieces).

Baffler Puzzle - NonagonBaffler Puzzle - The Spiral of ArchimedesBaffler Puzzle - Bindu Truss

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*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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