Bendomino: A twisty take on a timeless game.
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A twisty take on a timeless game.

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  • Bendomino
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Five hundred years seems long enough—it’s time that dominoes got a facelift!

Bendomino reshapes the time-honored game by curving each piece. They look like traditional dominoes that have been bent by an old-timey strongman.

The game is played with conventional domino rules, but the warped shape adds a new level of strategy. Angle your piece to lead the board in a new direction or to leave your opponent with a dead end.

The new shape also means your game will twist and turn all over the table, so take a step back and admire your curvaceous competition!

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Features & specs

  • Ages 6+
  • 2-4 Players
  • Average game duration: 20 mins
  • 28 curved dominoes
  • 4 rules variations included

Classic rules

Bendomino is played like traditional dominoes, so it’s easy to pick up. Each player takes a turn laying a piece on the table, but to use your piece, you must be able to connect it to a piece with the same number of dots.

If you can’t find a match, draw another Bendomino. You win the round when you have no pieces left in your hand. Alternatively, if no player has a playable piece, you win by having the lowest number of points in your hand.

As the winner of the round, total the dots on all of your opponent's remaining Bendominoes to determine your score. The first player to 100 wins the game!

Dominoes with a twist!
Throw your game night for a curve.

Reshape the game

The updated design of Bendomino isn’t just for aesthetics; it adds a new level of strategy to influence gamesmanship.

The shape of the pieces gives you the option to leave your opponents with an open position, where a Bendomino can be played in either direction, or a closed position, in which a Bendomino can only be played in one direction due to the configuration of the other pieces. Both strategies have their place, and you’ll enjoy exploring the new curveballs thrown in this ancient game.

A new twist on an old game.

Block them in

Bendomino also lets you create dead ends, where no further pieces can be played on the chain due to impediment from other pieces. Carefully curve your pieces in proximity to the rest of the dominoes when you have the upper hand. Creating a dead end is a great way to frustrate your opponent and expedite the end of a round.

Trap your opponent!
A dead end plan.

Let’s twist!

Bendomino includes 28 parabolic pieces with colored dots. The illustrated booklet has suggestions for four rules variations that will keep your game nights winding along. All of this fun packs inside a travel-friendly metal tin.

Includes 28 dominoes, instructions, and storage tin
Game on!

Question: How is this different from regular dominoes?

Answer: Bendomino has very similar rules to traditional dominoes, but the shaped pieces allow for new strategies.

Question: Can you still stack and topple them like regular dominoes?

Answer: The Bendominoes can stand up, similar to regular dominoes, so you can still topple them if you want.

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