BuckyCubes: The amazing super-strong magnetic desktoy

BuckyCubes Magnetic Desktoy

Super-strong magnetic desktoy is now in cube form!

Nickel (125 cubes)
This item has been discontinued.
Nickel (216 cubes)
This item has been discontinued.
Black (216 cubes)
This item has been discontinued.
Gold (216 cubes)
This item has been discontinued.

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The 21st century pastime of BuckyBallin' has taken on a new form with BuckyCubes. Each set of BuckyCubes includes 125 or 216 magnetic cubes made from rare earth neodymium.

These incredibly strong magnets are basically the adult equivalent of LEGO bricks. Besides simply fiddling around with them, you can use BuckyCubes to build cool 3-D sculptures, 2-D artwork, mini skyscrapers, magnetic dominos, or simply to display photos or papers.

Each set includes a plastic carrying case. Available in nickel, black nickel, or gold plating.

Please note that due to the potential harm from accidentally swallowing powerful magnets, BuckyCubes must be kept away from all children.

Features & specs

  • Made from neodymium rare-earth magnets
  • Super-strong magnets
  • Adults only (Keep away from all children)
  • Includes a plastic carrying case
  • Dimensions (per cube): 4mm x 4mm x 4mm

Notes on this video

  • BuckyCubes are for adults only. Keep away from all children!

The addictive desktoy is now in cube form!

BuckyCubes are an amazingly addictive, ultra-portable, stress-relieving, and creative brain toy. The logical extension of the BuckyBall phenomenon, BuckyCubes are a set of 125 or 216 small magnetic cubes.

With BuckyCubes, you can challenge yourself to invent crazy 3D structures as well as intricate 2D designs. Or zone out a bit and simply fiddle; snapping, folding, and breaking long strands of BuckyCubes can be quite relaxing. They're also fantastic for displaying photos or papers due to their small size and hefty magnetism.

However you choose to use BuckyCubes, you're going to enjoy it!

BuckyCubes are an addictive magnetic desktoy.
BuckyCubes are all about building and taking apart whatever cool designs you can imagine.

Check out a quick demo of BuckyCubes in action

The short demo video below shows off a small percentage of the types of things you can do with BuckyCubes. Hopefully this gets your imagination going!

Superstrong magnets

Each BuckyCube is pretty dang strong for its size. In the photo below, four BuckyCubes were used to suspend a nearly 2-pound hammer.

Please note that we are holding a total of 16 BuckyCubes, but only four are making contact with the hammer. The rest were needed for grip.

BuckyCubes are made from strong neodymium rare earth magnets.
Each 1/8" BuckyCube packs a lot of magnetic power.

Create cool structures, have a bit of fun

BuckyCubes are all about creating and designing.

For many projects, you'll start with a long strand of cubes and then snap and fold them to build mini-structures such as 3x3x3 cubes. You then use these building blocks to create larger and more complicated objects.

Check out some of the cool stuff you can make with BuckyCubes!

Use BuckyCubes to build cool structures.
Create cool structures like skyscrapers, pillars, falling "dominos", and more with magnetic BuckyCubes.

Set includes 125 or 216 rare earth magnets

Each set of BuckyCubes includes 125 (Nickel only) or 216 (Nickel, Black, and Gold) magnetic cubes. Each side of the cube is about 1/8" long.

Each set of BuckyCubes includes 125 or 216 cubes.
BuckyCubes come in sets of 125 or 216.

Hang family photos, too!

Perhaps you have a healthy (no restraining order yet) obsession with Hans Gretel. Flaunt it by using BuckyCube magnets to hang his photos on your fridge or filing cabinet! "Ooh yah, that's more like it, keep filing."

For less outrageous endeavors, you can also use a single BuckyCube to comfortably hang about 8 pieces of paper to a magnetic surface.

You can also use BuckyCubes for practical purposes such as hanging pictures on your fridge.
BuckyCubes are perfect for displaying German pseudo-legends, artwork, and papers on magnetic surfaces.

BuckyCubing on-the-go with the included carrying case

BuckyCubes (just like its spherical counterparts) come with a small plastic carrying case perfect for the car, train, subway, plane, submarine, boat, or blimp.

Each set of BuckyCubes includes a plastic carrying case.
Each set of BuckyCubes comes with a plastic carrying case.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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