Build Your Own Stonehenge: A mini model of the ancient monument.
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Build Your Own Stonehenge

A mini model of the ancient monument.

Build Your Own Stonehenge
The set includes 16 rock pieces, a landscape mat, and a 32-page guide.
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  • Build Your Own Stonehenge
  • Build your own Stonehenge!
  • The set includes 16 rock pieces, a landscape mat, and a 32-page guide.
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We may never know the true purpose of the mysterious Stonehenge monument, but we can be certain of the purpose of the miniature version: to look cool. The Build Your Own Stonehenge kit allows you to easily reconstruct the Neolithic landmark in a tiny space.

While the construction of the actual monument spanned millennia, yours can be ready to go in a few minutes (and without any extraterrestrial help). Simply arrange the pieces on the faux landscape mat according to the numbered guide and you’ll have a piece of history right on your desk (so get ready to give mini tours).

Features & specs

  • A miniaturized replica of Stonehenge
  • Arrange the pieces on the mat to simulate Stonehenge
  • Includes 16 rock pieces, a landscape mat, and a 32-page guide
  • Material: rubber
  • Ages 7+

Become a monumental builder

Relive the fun and excitement that the actual builders of Stonehenge must have felt in the comfort of your own home. A real perk of this project is that this heavy stone monument is miniaturized, so there's no need to throw your back out trying to please the gods. You and your druid grove can get to worshipping in minutes!

Build your own Stonehenge!

It's no mystery how this is constructed

No one really knows what tools were used in the original building of Stonehenge. Were the giant stones carried by a now-extinct race of giant Trolls? Maybe. What we do know is that this set includes exactly 16 rock pieces, a landscape mat, and a 32-page guide to get you from start to finish without scratching your head in confusion.

Build-Your-Own Stonehenge Contents.
The set includes 16 rock pieces, a landscape mat, and a 32-page guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What age is this appropriate for?

Answer: Ages 3 and up.

Question: Does it come with a display case?

Answer: No, but that could be your next craft project after assembling this one.

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