Carolina Reaper Powder: Pure heat from one of the world's hottest pepper.

Carolina Reaper Powder

Pure heat from one of the world's hottest peppers.


Scorch your tongue with a powder made from the Carolina Reaper, one of the hottest peppers on planet earth. Warning: This stuff is only for the very brave.

Each packet includes a half-ounce of the pepper which has been meticulously refined and dried to be “enjoyed” anytime. Sprinkle a little on your next meal (a miniscule pinch goes a loooong way!) to add some serious heat to your wings, chilli sauce, scrambled eggs, stir fry, BBQ, and much, much more.

The Carolina Reaper clocks in with a Scoville heat unit rating of 2.2 million making it 220 times hotter than a jalapeno! A mere sniff of it is enough to make your eyes water and nose run. No joke.

Carolina Reaper Powder is serious stuff, and not for children. And don't forget to wash your hands after coming into contact with it. You've been warned. Now go forth and embrace the heat!

Features & specs

  • 100% pure dried Carolina Reaper
  • ½-ounce
  • EXTREMELY HOT (like ridiculously off-the-chart hot)
  • 2.2 million scoville units
  • Non-GMO, all-natural

Notes on this video

  • 0:02 - At the time this video was created, Carolina Reaper was the world's spiciest pepper. It has since been supplanted by a slightly more intense pepper. But don't get it twisted, Carolina Reaper will burn your face off.

Taste-o-vision Carolina Reaper Powder demo video

These days, people talk up spicy peppers so much that you’d think a drop of Tabasco could melt a hole in a steel plate. We want you to believe us when we say Carolina Reaper is rated as one of the hottest peppers in the world, and pure dried Carolina Reaper Powder is incredibly spicy.

So we decided to let the pepper do the talking. Watch Jamie experience a tiny taste of Carolina Reaper Powder in this video to see for yourself.

Yes, it’s actually hot.

Spice up Anything

Carolina Reaper is capable of bringing big league heat to any dish. Of course there’s the tried and true spicy standards: five alarm chili, hot wings, and spicy scrambled eggs. But with a base note of blazin’ and hints of hurts-so-good, you can add Carolina Reaper Powder to a variety of dishes.

Try making a sweet and super spicy meat glaze, whip up mac n’cheese n’ tears, or give hotter than hot fries a shot. Carolina Reaper Powder is even versatile enough to try as a spice substitute in traditional ethnic cuisines from around the world, including Mexican, Indian, and east Asian dishes.

A little goes a long, long way!
Spice up your chili with 2.2 million Scoville heat units!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can it actually harm you?

Answer: Carolina Reaper definitely causes your pain receptors to activate and can potentially cause gastrointestinal distress and will burn your eyes on contact. So, take care to avoid touching your eyes, don't ingest the Reaper on an empty stomach, and always remember that a little goes a long way.

Question: Should children eat it?

Answer: We don’t think it’s a good idea for children to eat Carolina Reaper powder. Unless you're one of the Crude Brothers... then it's OK.

Watch Jon and Joey "enjoy" the Carolina Reaper Powder with the Crude Brothers.

Question: Can I put it on X?

Answer: Carolina Reaper Powder is a versatile spice that you can add to any dish. Whether or not you’ll enjoy the flavor is up to you to try, but if a recipe calls for a chili pepper, this can be a good substitute (as long as you account for the increased heat in Carolina Reaper and adjust accordingly).

Question: How much should I use?

Answer: The amount used depends on how much food you’re making and exactly how spicy you want it to be. Using more than a tad, smidge, dash, or pinch in a family-sized portion of a dish will probably make the entire batch intolerably hot for the average person.

Question: Is it actually good?

Answer: Flavor is a very subjective thing, but people who savor incredibly spicy food will probably enjoy the addition of a small amount of Carolina Reaper to their dishes.

Question: How does this compare to other spicy things you sell?

Answer: The only thing that we sell that is hotter is the Toe of Satan (which is the world's spiciest lollipop). If you’re an extreme chili head, it’s certainly worth testing your mettle against the Carolina Reaper Powder.

If you’re looking for something that’s still extreme but with pre-measured portions, consider Stinger Pops made with chili flakes of various peppers including Carolina Reaper. For milder but still spicy foods, take a look at Spicy Gummy Peppers, Ghost Pepper Candy, Ghost Pepper Fire Dust candy, Ghost Pepper Gumballs, Tabasco Spicy Chocolate, and Tabasco Jelly Bellies.

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