World's Hottest Chocolate Bar: Spiciest Bar of Chocolate in Existence

World's Hottest Chocolate Bar

Small but intense bar of super spicy chocolate.

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*** New Packaging, Same Hellish Heat! ***

Get ready to feed your spicy side—but be careful!

The World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar is made with the same “hellfire” chili extract used in the outrageously spicy Burn or Bliss Chocolate candy wager game and Toe of Satan lollipop. The extract has a Scoville Heat Unit rating of nine million; that’s 900 times hotter than a jalapeno!

There’s only five grams of chocolate in this bar, but believe us when we say that’s much more than any sane person would want. In fact, we strongly recommend starting with the smallest piece you can break off and seeing how your taste buds hold up. You may find that just a nibble is enough to satisfy your need for a good burn.

Warning! This chocolate is not for those sensitive to spicy foods and should be kept out of reach of small children and pets.

Features & specs

  • Absurdly spicy (and possibly dangerous) chocolate bar
  • Contains chili extract rated at 9 million Scoville Heat Units!
  • Net wt: 0.17 oz (5g)
  • Approx. dimensions: 1.5” x 1” x 0.12" (3.81 cm x 2.54 cm x 0.3 cm)
  • Made in USA
  • This item is a Vat19 exclusive!

Notes on this video

  • We have updated the packaging of the World's Hottest Chocolate Bar since this video was made.

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Small but sizzling

The spiciest chocolate bar on the planet is also one of the smallest. The World's Hottest Chocolate Bar is tiny but intimidating, like a cyanide capsule or a nano ninja (ok we made that one up).

There are twelve itty bitty squares in each bar, and each of those deadly dozen has an outrageous amount of heat per centimeter. The chocolate is so spicy we didn’t feel comfortable packing more than four ounces per package. You’ll thank us later.

Tiny but spicy
Trust us, this is all you need.

Off the charts hot

Imagine eating a jalapeno… now imagine eating 900 of them at once. That’s a close approximation to the sensation you’ll have biting into the World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar.

At Vat19, we’ve sampled some of the hottest food on the planet, and this candy is still insanely spicy even to our seasoned taste buds. We have nothing but a wary respect for this chocolate, much like someone who works with wild bears.

900x hotter than a jalapeno
Spicier than nature intended anything to be.

Take the dare

The World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar weighs four grams and contains 35 calories. The small piece of milk chocolate is mixed with a special chili extract that has a Scoville rating of nine million. For comparison’s sake, the current world record for hottest chili pepper is “merely” rated at 2.2 million.

This chocolate is clearly not for everyone. But if you like challenging yourself and your taste buds, it’s the perfect way to see what you’re made of.

Nine million SHU!
Can you handle the heat?

Twelve minutes of pain!

To consider yourself a true spicetronaut, you must complete the World's Hottest Chocolate Bar Challenge.

Break the bar into twelve squares and consume a piece every 60 seconds. If you can withstand the hurt for twelve minutes of hellfire-infused pain, you will have earned our eternal respect.

Can you make it for the full twelve minutes?
Can you make it through all 12 pieces?

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Has anyone been able to complete the challenge and eat all 12 pieces in a sitting?

Answer: Yes! Check out our video below where we watched some of our favorite videos of people trying the World's Hottest Chocolate Bar.

Question: How does this compare to your other crazy spicy foods?

Answer: The World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar can go toe-to-toe with any treat from our selection of spicy madness. As a reference point, it’s about eight times hotter than the spicy pieces in Burn or Bliss.

Question: Is it sweet like chocolate?

Answer: Technically, yes. However, you’ll soon find that the spice in the World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar thoroughly dominates all other flavors.

Question: Did you update the packaging? And did anything else change? Is it still just as spicy?

Answer: We sure did! We think it looks awesome and we hope you do, too. Between you and me, it feels even hotter than before. We reformulated the chocolate which seems to have enhanced the insane chili extract to an even more tortuous effect. Yay!

Question: Can you please tell me what’s in this? I’m learning every fact in the world in preparation for being on Jeopardy!

Answer: Ingredients: Sugar, Vegetable Oil (palm Kernel Oil, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel And Cottonseed Oils), Nonfat Dry Milk, Cocoa, Milk, 9 Million Shu Chili Extract, Glyceryl Lacto Esters Of Fatty Acids, Soy Lecithin, Salt.

Sorry! It's out of stock.

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