Original Workaholics Bear Coat
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The Original Workaholics Bear Coat

Faux fur coat featuring a bear head and claws.

Workaholics Bear Coat
Workaholics Bear Coat image
Workaholics Bear Coat image
Workaholics Bear Coat image
Workaholics Bear Coat image
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*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.


Stay ferociously warm with the Original Workaholics Bear Coat.

Popularized by the comedy series Workaholics, the faux fur Bear Coat features a growling flip-up bear noggin and mitten-like paws with three-inch claws.

Stay warm, stay feisty, and stay awesome with the Bear Coat.

Features & specs

  • Genuine faux fur (polyester fibers)
  • Soft latex rubber teeth and 3-inch claws
  • Officially licensed
  • One size fits most (ages 12+)

This coat will make you better at dunking*

*At least, it will make you look better while dunking.

Most of the population looks wretched while attempting to dunk. If you can even get to the rim, it eats your ball. Otherwise, you're basically throwing the ball from underneath the hoop while running/jumping/falling at a laughable rate.

End all of that nonsense with the Original Workaholics Bear Coat. This officially licensed coat was made popular by the Comedy Central show of the same name. But even if you're not familiar with the show, I think you can get behind this amazing faux fur garb.

Man about to destroy a dunk wearing the Bear Coat.
OK, now imagine this dude without the coat. Yeah, that's how much better the coat makes you look.

This ain't no Care Bear coat, y'all.

Bears are ferocious. They have big, sharp teeth and a pair of claws that will shred that smirk right off your face. Honor bears' proud tradition with a coat that pulls no punches. It features a fierce visage and mitten-like paws with three-inch long claws.

Please note that for obvious safety reasons, the Bear Coat's teeth and claws are made of soft rubber.

Multiple views of the Workaholics Bear Coat.
The Bear Coat features a realistic head and claws.

Warm and awesome-looking

Fancy pant coat brands are typically over-hyped nonsense. Truth be told, the logo is irrelevant. Because when it comes to coats, there are only two factors: how well it keeps you warm and does it have a bear head?

Seriously, those poseurs wearing a North Face jacket have a better chance of flapping their arms and flying to the moon than scaling the north face of any mountain. Stay real with the Bear Coat.

Front, side, and back views of a man wearing the Bear Coat.
Stay warm and classy with the Workaholics Bear Coat.

This is everyday wear

The Workaholics Bear Coat is the little black dress equivalent of outerwear. You can wear this to work, to happy hour, to the cocktail party, and to the black tie charity event. It's that versatile. And seriously, who's really going to object? This thing is majestic.

Man pumping gas while wearing the Workaholics Bear Coat.
Yeah, that's a bear on his noggin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will it fit me?

Answer: That depends on how big you are. The Bear Coat is only available in one size and will fit most adults.

If your typical t-shirt size is between small and large, you'll have no problem fitting into the Bear Coat. And if your height is between 5'0" and 6'0", you'll have no problem fitting into the Bear Coat.

Please note: Shoulder seam to shoulder seam = 20". Sleeve length (from shoulder seam to wrist seam) = 26".

Question: Is it warm?

Answer: Heck yeah! All of that genuine faux fur is going to keep you super warm. And the flip-up bear head will keep your head incredibly toasty during a harsh winter storm.

Question: Can I buy it and return it so I can use it for one night of awesome?

Answer: No, sorry! We simply aren't setup to dry clean funky clothes that are returned to us. So, please review our return policy in detail (we can't accept used items for return) if your intention is to try to use us as a rental shop.

Question: Is the Bear Coat made from real bear fur?

Answer: No. That would be cruel... and incredibly dangerous to obtain.

Question: Does it have pockets?

Answer: No. Bears are not marsupials.

Question: What about zippers or buttons?

Answer: Nope. This coat is au naturel.

Question: Are there any special cleaning instructions?

Answer: The manufacturer recommends: "Cold Wash. Tumble Dry. Do Not Iron."

Question: What is Workaholics?

Answer: It's a TV show on Comedy Central. Being a fan of the show is definitely not a requirement for owning this awesome coat.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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