Burn or Bliss Chocolate Challenge

Hellishly hot chocolate roulette challenge.

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Each set of Burn or Bliss contains twelve identical-looking pieces of chocolate. The catch is, seven of them are pure, delicious milk chocolate, and five chocolate pieces have been spiked with a super-spicy chili pepper extract.

So how can you tell if you’re going to be savoring the sweet taste of chocolate or licking the coals of Beelzebub's brazier? They say the devil is in the details, but since the two kinds of chocolate look the exact same, you’re just going to have to take a bite!

Challenge a friend to a game of spicy roulette and see who gets burned.

New! Red Candy Melts: This additional color allows for more fun and interactive challenges with friends!

Warning! These chocolates are not for those sensitive to spicy foods and should be kept out of reach of small children and pets.

Features & specs

  • Set of twelve chocolate pieces
  • Gamble your fate on plain milk chocolate or chocolate made with incredibly hot chili extract
  • Chili extract is dangerously hot! (9 million Scoville Heat Units)
  • Made in USA
  • Cold weather note: Chocolate bloom (a whitish coating on the surface) is common and sometimes unavoidable. They are still perfectly safe to eat!
  • This item is a Vat19 exclusive!

Gourmet gambling

Go ahead and grab a square of delicious milk chocolate from the Burn or Bliss package. Chances are, you’ll enjoy a velvety texture, creamy cocoa flavor, and sweet finish. But you might also end up biting into one of the hottest things you’ve ever put in your mouth. That’s because every set of twelve chocolates contains five spicy look-alikes, each adulterated with an incredibly hot nine million SHU chili extract.

The only way to tell the difference between nice and spice is to take a chance and take a bite.

Win or lose the spice lottery.

Set of sweet or spicy*

American-made Burn or Bliss is a chocolate and chili challenge with risk baked right into the confection.

On the surface, you know exactly what you’re going to get: twelve milk chocolates, seven of which are perfectly normal, tasty treats, and five of which are infused with an inferno of heat. What you don’t know is which squares are spicy and which are sweet, since the pieces all look the exact same.

12 total chocolates with 5 chili-infused spice bombs, all made in the USA
*Read: swelteringly stinging spice.

Heavy-hitting heat

When it comes to spice, there are varying levels of heat ranging from mild sauce to bear mace. This chocolate assortment straddles the extremes.

Seven pieces have no spice at all, and five squares have a chili extract that throws big league heat! Measuring in at nine million Scoville Heat Units, this chili extract has been rated significantly hotter than jalapeños, habaneros, ghost pepper, and even the one-time world-champion Carolina Reaper. The only thing that comes close to this degree of peppery power is fellow spice-extract sucker Toe of Satan. In a nutshell, this stuff is not for the faint of heart or those with weak stomachs.

100x hotter than a jalapeño
Talk about hot chocolate.

Red Hots

The same devilishly delicious game of Burn or Bliss is also available in a red candy melt variety. These cardinal chances at capsaicin overload maintain the same size and heat as the classic milk chocolate version. With a sweet (and possibly very, very spicy) flavor, they're every bit as fun. Pair them up with a milk chocolate set and play the Spicy Checkers Challenge!

Ingredients: sugar, vegetable oil (palm kernel oil and hydrogenated palm kernel oil), whey powder, whole milk solids, nonfat dry milk solids, FD&C red #40 lake, soy lecithin salt, artificial flavor, 9 million Scoville heat unit chili extract. Contains: milk, soy. Made on equipment that also processes wheat & peanuts. Made in a facility that also processes egg & tree nuts.

Red Burn or Bliss candy melts
Always bet on red.

Burn or Bliss: Unboxing

Jon and Joey, members of the Vat19 video team, take a first look at this hellishly hot challenge.

Jon and Joey take a first look at the Burn or Bliss Chocolate Challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What if I ate all of them at once?

Answer: Since about half of the chocolates contain extremely concentrated capsaicin extract, you’d definitely feel intense heat.

Question: Should I prank someone with them?

Answer: No, that would definitely be a very mean prank. We think the game aspect of Burn or Bliss makes sharing them with your friends and freely choosing to take a chance of eating a super-spicy chocolate to be plenty of fun.

Question: What's with the Red Candy Melt version?

Answer: First, we thought the color looked amazing and very appropriate for a spicy challenge. Second, it allows you to play checkers (or any other game you can imagine). Enjoy!

Jamie and Jon played a game of Checkers using both styles of Burn or Bliss Chocolates.

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Red Candy Melts

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