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CooKeys Key Caps

A duo of chocolate and vanilla key covers.

This item has been discontinued.

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CooKeys Key Caps are a simple way to help identify your keys. Instead of looking for "that one scratch" to pinpoint your house key, just grab the vanilla "cookie". Each set of CooKeys includes one vanilla key cover and one chocolate key cover.

Made from highly durable rubber that will stretch to fit any standard size house key.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 1.25" diameter
  • Includes one chocolate and one vanilla key cap
  • Fits standard size house keys
  • Keyring is not included

CooKeys Key Caps keep your keys organized

Instead of relying on dubious indicators such as "three half-inch-long scratch marks = house key" or "small bits of masking tape = gym key", use CooKeys Key Caps to differentiate your keys.

Each set of CooKeys Key Caps includes one vanilla key cover and one chocolate key cover. Each cover is made from an extremely tough yet pliable rubber, so they've got enough stretch to handle any standard size house key and they'll hold up to years of abuse in your pocket or purse.

CooKeys Key Caps from Fred
Each set of CooKeys Key Caps includes one vanilla key cover and one chocolate key cover.
A Duckie LED Keychain is not included, but is available for purchase (imagine that!).

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is that awesome Duckie Keychain included?

Answer: No. But, it, along with its other farm animal keychain friends, is available for purchase and can be yours! *sweeeet cross promo*

Question: So, can these CooKey Key Caps also check my email and update my profile on MyTwitterFace?

Answer: Uh, no. They simply help you quickly find the key to your apartment, office, mailbox, tool shed, storage locker, or small safe housing your collection of Taylor Swift voodoo dolls.

Question: Will it fit on the key to my Por-sha?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. That key's sole purpose is to broadcast its owner's douchebaggery as loudly as possible. Covering up that logo with something cute and clever like the CooKeys Key Caps would ruin the owner's "vibe". Namely, that he lives with his mother and funnels 95% of his net income into the car payment for his used '94 Carrera.

Question: Ok, geez, relax. Will it fit on the key to my Corolla?

Answer: If your car key is about the same size as a standard house key, then yes. However, most car keys are probably too large for CooKeys Key Caps.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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