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Strawz Connectible DIY Drinking Straws

Build wild drinking contraptions using flexible connectors.

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With the Strawz Connectible DIY Straws Set, you can create dizzying contraptions for sipping or slurping your favorite drinks. Each set includes twenty flexible, rubbery connectors and twenty-four straight plastic straw pieces.

Each Strawz set includes U-shaped connectors, elbows, T-connectors, straight joins, and 4-way intersections with which to design your network. Strawz are addictive, fun, dishwasher-safe, and available in multiple colors.

Features & specs

  • 20 flexible connectors and 24 straws
  • 4 U-shaped connectors, 4 elbows, 2 T's, 8 joins, and 2 intersections
  • 12 long straws and 12 short straws
  • Dishwasher safe
  • For children 6+

Create fun fluid delivery contraptions

Strawz are officially intended for children over six. However, these connectible DIY drinking straws are a lot of fun even if you've graduated grade school. Or college.

Check out this 142-foot long Strawz contraption!

Start building!

Below are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Suggestion #1: The Double-Sipper

With "The Double-Sipper", you and a friend can gaze longingly into each other's eyes while enjoying a tasty beverage.

Share a drink with Strawz Connectible DIY Drinking Straws
Share your favorite drink with your favorite person with Strawz.

Suggestion #2: The Baker's Half-Dozen

Even after building a straw that can pull liquid from seven drinks simultaneously, you'll still have ten connectors and eight straws left over.

Using Strawz Connectible DIY Straws to drink from 7 cups at one time
With just one set of Strawz, you can easily drink from seven beverages simultaneously.

Get creative with the large selection of connectors and straws

Each set of Strawz includes twenty connectors and twenty-four straws. Here's the breakdown:

  • (8) straight extensions / joins
  • (4) "U"-shaped pieces
  • (4) elbow joints
  • (2) "T"-intersections
  • (2) four-way intersections
  • (12) short straws (3" long)
  • (12) long straws (5" long)

Each set of Strawz DIY Drinking Straws includes 20 connectors and 24 straws.
Create elaborate designs with the 24 straws and 20 connectors included in each set of Strawz.

Simple, fun, and easy to use

While being able to slurp from seven drinks simultaneously is pretty awesome, it's not incredibly practical. However, being practical isn't the litmus test for fun and addictive toys, now is it? (Hula Hoop and Skip-it, we're looking in your direction.)

Face it, there's just something fun about watching liquid careen through a network of randomly connected tubes as you drink it. Thankfully, it's simple to create your own masterpieces with Strawz. Just push the pieces together!

Use the rubbery connectors to join the straw pieces together and create your very own crazy straw.
Simply join the plastic straws to the rubbery connecting pieces to create fun straw designs.

Choose from five colors!

Strawz DIY Drinking Straws are available in five colors: lime green, blue, orange, red, and violet.

Use the rubbery connectors to join the straw pieces together and create your very own crazy straw.
Collect all five styles of Strawz!

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