Cooking Guide Apron: Printed with everything you'll need
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Cooking Guide Apron

Apron printed with common conversions, tips, and tricks.

Cooking Guide Apron
Cooking Guide Apron image
Cooking Guide Apron image
Cooking Guide Apron image
Cooking Guide Apron image
Cooking Guide Apron image
Cooking Guide Apron image
Cooking Guide Apron image
Cooking Guide Apron image
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The Cooking Guide Apron is printed with tons of handy info that any cook will find useful. Simply lift the bottom of the apron to review common conversion charts, a cooking glossary, freezing and defrosting guidelines, steak wellness tips, and much, much more.

Printed on natural unbleached cotton. One size fits all.

Features & specs

  • One size fits all
  • Natural unbleached cotton
  • Large front pocket (11.5" x 6")
  • Dimensions: 40" x 34"
  • Apron ties are 38" long each

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Handy cooking guides are just an arm's reach away

The Cooking Guide Apron is printed with just about every reference a cook may need. There are measurement conversion tables, freezing timetables, poultry defrosting guidelines, a cooking glossary, steak wellness tips, turkey roasting times, and even a handy guide for determining how much raw spaghetti you'll need for 1-4 people.

Accessing the guide is simple - just lift the bottom of the apron! All the information is printed upside down so it's right side up when you lift the corners to read. You've got a wealth of info at your fingertips precisely when you need it: when you're cooking!

Simply lift up the bottom of the Cooking Guide Apron to reference tons of useful cooking information.
Need to know how many ounces are in a pint? Simply lift the bottom of the Cooking Guide Apron.

Measurement conversions, tips, tricks, and more

The bottom portion of the Cooking Guide Apron is filled with useful and handy cooking info. Here's a brief breakdown of what is included:

  • Liquid conversion chart
  • Chicken and turkey roasting guide
  • Dry goods conversion chart
  • Common measurement abbreviations
  • Poultry defrosting table
  • Temperature conversion chart
  • Cooking times for boiling, roasting, microwaving, and steaming common ingredients
  • Freezer lifespan table
  • Spaghetti serving size guide
  • Steak finger test
  • Rice, butter, and egg charts
  • Cooking terms glossary

Cooking Guide Apron liquids and roasting guides.
Common volume conversions as well as a chicken/turkey roasting chart.

Cooking Guide Apron weights, abbreviations, defrosting poultry, and temperature information.
In addition to common abbreviations and weight and temperature conversions,
the Cooking Guide Apron conveniently provides a table of poultry defrosting times.

Cooking Guide Apron cooking times.
This extensive table of cooking times for common ingredients will certainly come in handy when preparing side dishes.

Cooking Guide Apron freezer reference.
How long can that delicious pie remain frozen before it goes bad? Four to six months!

Cooking Guide Apron spaghetti, steak, eggs, butter, and rice references.
How much raw spaghetti do I need for three people? How do I tell if my steak is medium rare?
Answers to these questions as well as egg, butter, and rice guides are included on the Cooking Guide Apron.

Cooking Guide Apron cooking glossary.
A seventeen-term cooking glossary.

Convenient front pocket for storing other Vat19 products

You already know pockets are cool. So, we figured we'd use this opportunity to cross-promote our Odd Size Measuring Spoons. It just so happens you could conveniently keep them in your Cooking Guide Apron.

The Cooking Guide Apron features a large front pocket.
The Cooking Guide Apron features a large front pocket for storing your most-used cooking and baking items.

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*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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