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Dippin’ Dots Popping Candy (20-pack)

Fizzy candy in delicious Dippin’ Dots flavors.

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Dippin’ Dots has long been a favorite at carnivals and amusement parks for its ability to perfectly encapsulate the taste of ice cream in tiny frozen beads. Dippin’ Dots Popping Candy takes that deliciousness out of the freezer and into a candy shell that fizzes when it hits your tongue.

The box contains 20 packets, each filled with one of three ice cream flavors. Throw back a handful and enjoy the sundae explosions going off in your mouth.

Features & specs

  • Popping candy flavored like ice cream
  • Assortment of three flavors: Banana Split, Rainbow Ice, and Mint Chocolate
  • 20 packets per box (ratio of flavors varies by order)
  • Net wt. (per packet): 0.53 oz (15 g)
  • Not frozen
  • Pops in your mouth!
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Pop off

Dippin’ Dots have been the ice cream of the future since back when the future was today.

Now you can enjoy this classically futuristic ice cream treat with an extra pop. Throw back a handful of Dippin’ Dots Popping Candy and feel the flavor erupt in your mouth. The crackling candy feels as if it’s dancing on your tongue as you enjoy the sweetness of delicious ice cream flavor combinations.

Tastes like ice cream, sounds like a white noise machine.

Assorted awesome

When you’ve discovered a new classic candy combination, you’re gonna want a lot of it. That’s why Dippin’ Dots Popping Candy comes in a jumbo box of 20 packets.

Each box contains a random assortment of three flavors: Rainbow Ice, Banana Split, and Mint Chocolate. Sample all the flavors to get a taste of your favorite ice cream treat and enjoy the popping sensation that goes with it.

And since the candy doesn’t melt, you can take your sweet time enjoying these sweets.

Three flavors of ice cream dippin’ dots
The once and future ice cream.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I request a specific flavor?

Answer: Due to the way we receive this product, we are not able to accommodate flavor requests. Each box of Dippin’ Dots Popping Candy contains a random assortment of three flavors. Luckily, we tested all flavors to ensure they’re equally awesome.

Question: Do I need to keep these cold?

Answer: Unlike frozen Dippin’ Dots, these do not need special temperature storage.

Question: So these are like Pop Rocks?

Answer: Yes, they are like Pop Rocks with ice cream flavors.

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