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DropCatch Magnetic Bottle Opener

A bottle opener that collects your caps for you.

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Cracking open a cold one shouldn’t involve any cleanup. Use the DropCatch Magnetic Bottle Opener to eliminate cap clutter and get back to enjoying your brew.

The stainless steel bottle opener is affixed to a handcrafted walnut wood base. When you open your beer, a magnet hidden inside the base collects your bottle cap before it litters your floor. Accumulate over 60 caps on your magnetic holder and then efficiently dispose of them all at once, or leave them attached as an ode to your party.

Keep DropCatch on the wall in your home bar or on the fridge in your man cave so you can stay organized wherever you like to enjoy your drinks.

Features & specs

  • Bottle opener attached to magnetic base for bottle cap collection
  • Holds over 60 caps!
  • Includes attached magnets on back for fridge mounting
  • Includes wall mounting screws and pre-drilled holes
  • Material: stainless steel and American walnut wood with glue-mounted magnets
  • Approx. dimensions: 8" x 3.25" x 0.75" (20.32 cm x 8.23 cm x 1.91 cm)
  • Handcrafted
  • Made in the USA
  • Note: Due to natural variances, the color of the walnut may vary from what is pictured
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Dual purpose opener

DropCatch opens and collects your bottle caps all in one convenient motion. The American walnut wood conceals a strong magnet in its base which captures your cap before it free-falls to your floor.

You’ll find it especially useful when you don’t have a free hand to grab your cap, like when holding food, or opening multiple beers for guests. It makes it even easier to have a good time.

You gotta tip your cap to this invention.

Start a collection

With a capacity of over 60 caps, DropCatch is up to the challenge of your party. You and your guests will have fun seeing how many caps you can fit on the powerful magnet hidden inside the walnut base. Watch the collection build up, turning the opener into an interesting 3D sculpture of sorts.

Once you reach your limit, dispose of your caps and get ready for your next gathering.

Enormous CAPacity
The more you drink, the cooler the result.

Mounting options

DropCatch has two mounting options to fit your space. For wall mounting, use the included screws and predrilled holes to affix DropCatch to your wall in minutes. 

For the ultimate in simplicity, DropCatch also offers a magnetic mounting option. The large magnet used to collect caps also secures DropCatch to any magnetic surface, with two smaller magnets at the top for additional grip. Stick it on your fridge so it’s right next to the source.

Magnetic or screw mount
It hangs up wherever you hang out.

Made to last

DropCatch not only offers hands-free cap collection but quality construction as well. 

This handy bar accessory is handcrafted with a lacquered finish to provide a simple and handsome adornment to your home bar. The thick walnut base and stainless steel opener add American-made durability that will keep your new tool looking good for many parties to come.

DropCatch is made in the USA
The finest in handmade, hands-free cap collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will I need to drill new holes in the wood to attach DropCatch to my wall?

Answer: DropCatch comes with two pre-drilled holes. Just remove the two screws that affix the opener to the wood and replace them with the longer screws included in the box. The predrilled holes extend through the back of the wood.

Question: Where is the magnet attached?

Answer: All three DropCatch magnets are embedded in the wood. They’re not visible, but you can see their outline in the backing.

Question: Can you detach the opener from the wood?

Answer: You can, but the magnet that catches your bottle caps is inside the wood.

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