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Droplet Dry Bag

Ultra-compact water tight storage bag.

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Whether you’ve planned on stowing away your personal effects or you need to keep something dry in the spur of the moment, the Droplet Dry Bag has you (and your stuff) covered.

When not in use, the ultra-compact nylon bag stows away in a tiny silicone keychain attachment. When opened, the bag is large enough to keep a wet swimsuit from spoiling your car’s interior, leaky cosmetics from getting everywhere when traveling, or protecting your phone on the beach.

Take the Droplet Dry Bag with you on your next adventure, big or small, and always be prepared for what happens next.

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Features & specs

  • 3 liter capacity
  • Water resistant
  • Ultra compact keychain storage
  • Droplet material: silicone
  • Key ring material: metal
  • Bag material: nylon
  • Approximate drop dimensions: 2 1/2” x 2” (6.35 cm x 5.08 cm)
  • Approximate bag dimensions: 10 3/4” x 9 3/4” (27.3 cm x 24.8 cm)

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Bag of holding

Somehow, this bag fits inside a tiny silicone keychain capsule you can take with you anywhere. Then when you need it, you can pull it out and fill it with whatever you want, whether you’re containing a mess, protecting something valuable, or holding a hodgepodge of stuff together.

It almost seems bigger on the inside.

Wall against wetness

Having a waterproof bag available at all times sounds pretty handy. Having one available that you don’t even have to think about carrying is even better.

Whether you’re making a trip to the beach or are caught in an unexpected downpour, the Droplet Dry Bag swoops in like a superhero to rescue your valuables (like electronics) from their natural enemy—water.

Protect your stuff… everywhere
Water doesn’t stand a chance.

Seal in sogginess

The Droplet Dry Bag’s ability to guard against agua goes both ways; it’s as good at keeping water in as it is keeping water out.

So if you have a wet swimming suit or a soggy sandwich, you can contain the unwanted wetness in this leakproof wonderbag. And with its three liter capacity, you could pour in an entire bottle of soda with plenty of room to spare. (Not that you’d want to have a sack of cola, but it’s nice to know you could.)

It’s watertight, too!
Contain the mess!

Utterly useful

The Droplet Dry Bag comes in handy whether you plan to use it to keep your luggage safe from lotion or you spontaneously decide to jump in the pool and you want to protect your car seats on the ride home. Either way, when you need it, you can pull it out and fill it with whatever you want, whether you need to quarantine a mess, seal up your valuables, or conveniently transport loose items.

The Drybag stores a sandwich or travel makeup.
Who knew something so small could be so handy?

Feature roll call!

The Droplet Dry Bag might be one of the most well-designed bags ever made. Engineered by the same geniuses who created the Pocket Blanket, the water-tight drawstring-closure and the waterproof ripstop nylon make it a juggernaut against the forces of moisture. And despite its power, the fabric is woven thin enough to compress into a tiny roll that neatly fits in the silicone droplet keychain to go anywhere you do.

The ultra-compact, water tight & waterproof Dry Bag has a 3L capacity.
Maybe it seems like excessive praise for a bag, but wow.

Question: Does the drop-shaped fob float in water?

Answer: Yep, the Droplet Keychain is made of silicone, so it floats!

Question: How do you get the bag into the keychain?

Answer: After removing your items, you can fold and roll it into a surprisingly compact shape that fits right inside a slit on the silicone drop keychain.

Question: Wouldn’t my stuff get wet if I dunked this in a pool?

Answer: Yes, water would probably infiltrate the bag if you fully submerged it. But the water-resistant nylon shell is designed to protect your belongings from weather like an unexpected sprinkling of rain or a splash at the pool. If you want full protection underwater, you might want to invest in a submarine.

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