Ectoplasm Thinking Putty: Glow-in-the-dark putty looks like paranormal slime.
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Ectoplasm Thinking Putty by Crazy Aaron

Glow-in-the-dark putty that looks like paranormal slime.

This item has been discontinued.
Black Light Keychain
This item has been discontinued.


Strap on your proton pack and pick up a pliable toy with a supernatural glow. Ectoplasm Putty has the eerie green translucence of ghostly green slime with the radiance to match.

Charge the putty under light, and it will glow in the dark with a bright speckled green luminescence. You can even use a blacklight keychain to draw on the glowing goo!

Whether you’re in light or dark, the paranormal putty is a blast to bounce, stretch, mold, and rip. Plus, it never dries out!

The American-made putty can always be put back together and, despite the name, never leaves a residue—supernatural or otherwise.

Features & specs

  • Contains 1/5 lb (90 g) of putty
  • Glows brightly when lights are off
  • Stretch it, bounce it, and rip it in half!
  • Write on it with UV light using a blacklight keychain
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Never dries out

Get slimed

The telekinetic activity in this tin is off the charts!

Ectoplasm Putty is a fun fidget toy colored like the slime left behind by your favorite ghosts. This bright green and weirdly translucent putty is fascinating to admire and knead. Stretch it out, play with it, or let it drip from your hands like residue from a ghost trap.

Ghostly putty
Turn your house into spook central.

Phantasm fun

All ghost hunters know that the best hauntings happen at night. That’s why Ectoplasm Putty glows in the dark with a spooky speckled green light.

Charge the putty by holding it up to a bright light or by bringing it outside on a sunny day. Then take your putty to a dark room and admire its ghoulish glow. Leave an object or a transparency sheet on the putty while it charges and you’ll see its spooky silhouette imprinted when the putty glows.

For even more fun, use a blacklight keychain to write on the putty with light! Redrum, anyone?

Glows in the dark putty!
I ain’t afraid of no glow.

Get your hands on it

Like our other less supernatural putties, Ectoplasm Putty exhibits strangely fun properties. The unusual substance can be bounced like a ball, molded into ghostly shapes, stretched to great lengths, and ripped like paper.

No matter what you put it through, the putty always rises from the dead to come back together again. And since it never dries out, you'll have your putty with you for eternity.

Putty can be bounced, ripped, and molded
Pliable and playable!

Question: How is this different from Glow in the Dark Putty?

Answer: Ectoplasm Putty behaves the same as Glow in the Dark Putty but the two have a much different color. Glow in the Dark Putty is an off-white while Ectoplasm Putty is a light green.

Question: Does it come with a UV keychain light?

Answer: No, the keychain is sold separately.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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