Cosmic Putty: Amazing putty that looks like phenomenon from outer space.
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Cosmic Thinking Putty by Crazy Aaron

Amazing putty that looks like phenomenon from outer space.

Cosmic Thinking Putty
Otherworldly putty!
It glows! Just add sunlight...
...or use the included UV charging light to make the putty glow.
Tear, twist, bounce!
Northern Lights Putty
Solar Wind Putty
Star Dust Putty
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  • Cosmic Thinking Putty
  • Otherworldly putty!
  • It glows! Just add sunlight...
  • ...or use the included UV charging light to make the putty glow.
  • Tear, twist, bounce!
  • Northern Lights Putty
  • Solar Wind Putty
  • Star Dust Putty
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  • Cosmic Thinking Putty — Star Dust
Cosmic Thinking Putty - Star Dust
Star Dust
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Cosmic Thinking Putty - Northern Lights
Northern Lights
Cosmic Thinking Putty - Solar Wind
Solar Wind
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Cosmic Putty is a plaything that seems like it came from the other side of the universe. Each of the out-of-this-world styles draws inspiration from an astral phenomenon and captures it in a generous handful of putty.

Use the included ultraviolet light keychain to charge the putty and watch it glow spectacularly in the dark. Star Dust will glow with flecks of light in an inky black field, Solar Wind will erupt with bright flares that resemble those from the sun, and Northern Lights will stun you with an illumination as beautiful as the Aurora Borealis.

With three different styles and all the awesome playable properties of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, you'll want to stretch, bounce, rip, and squeeze this stuff until mission control says it's time for dinner.

Features & specs

  • Tin that contains 1/5 lb (90 g) of putty
  • Glow-in-the-dark effect with included UV keychain
  • Available in three styles: Northern Lights, Solar Wind, and Star Dust
  • Stretch it, tear it, bounce it!
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Ages 3+

Out-of-this-world ooze

If you're at all familiar with Vat19, you know we know our putty. But Cosmic Putty seems like a world-changing revelation thanks to never-before-seen styles that take their cues from outer space.

While they have the same stretchy, bouncy properties as other Thinking Putties, they're enhanced with glow-in-the-dark effects you can create with the included UV keychain light. Enjoy them in the day as squishable stress relievers. Then when the Sun goes down, admire the glow that pays homage to our Sun, the stars of the milky way galaxy, and the Northern Lights phenomenon.

3 putties on a black surface with a starry projector background reflected in the glass
Otherworldly putty!

Glowing goo

No, it's not a radioactive meteor or an extraterrestrial amoeba. That glowing puddle is putty!

Between the awesome orange of Solar Wind, the shimmering white of Northern Lights, and the speckled inky blackness of Star Dust, these putties are beautiful under the light. But bring them into darkness and you'll find there's a whole other side to these putties.

The putties can absorb ultraviolet light from the outdoors or bright lights indoors, and the effect is enhanced with an included UV LED keychain. Hold it farther away to cast a fainter charge over the whole thing or bring it close to literally write with light.

UV flashlight charging puttyUV flashlight charging putty
It glows! (includes UV light)

Pliable plaything

Cosmic Putty is so pretty to look at in the daylight or the dark that you might worry the manufacturer forgot to make it fun to use. Don't worry; this putty doesn't lose any of its luster when it comes to playing.

Cosmic Putty is every bit as enjoyable to bounce, stretch, tear, and knead as all of our other awesome Thinking Putties.

Hands tearing, twisting, and bouncing putty
Tear, twist, bounce!

Celestial styles

The cosmos is a big, big place, so there's plenty of room for different kinds of objects. The same is true of Cosmic Putty.

The collection includes white Northern Lights, where white putty in the light gives way to a brilliant blue in the dark, orange Solar Wind, erupting with a brilliant red in the dark, and Star Dust, which remains an inky purple-black in the light or dark while the glitter flecks go wild in the dark.

Regardless of which style you choose, you'll be sure to appreciate the beauty of these putties!

Three different styles of puttyThree different styles of puttyThree different styles of putty
Cosmic Putty is available in three gorgeous varieties: Northern Lights, Solar Wind, and Star Dust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will the Aurora Borealis work in the southern hemisphere?

Answer: Of course! It just looks upside-down.

Question: What happens if I mix them all together?

Answer: These putties aren't meant to be mixed together, as it would spoil their beautiful colors, but don't worry—we have something for people who like to mix putties!

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Northern Lights
Solar Wind

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