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Mixed by Me Putty Kit

Make your own Crazy Aaron’s incredible Putty!

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Crazy Aaron’s putties have been some of the most popular items ever sold at Vat19, and with good reason. You can stretch it, bounce it, tear it, and sculpt it—and now you can make it yourself with the Mixed by Me Putty Kit.

The kit includes five small tins of clear putty and several colors and effects to help you customize your putty.

Mix the red, yellow, and blue color concentrations into the clear putty to create the hue that’s just right for you. Then add an effect that adds sparkle, shimmer, or even glow-in-the-dark properties to the putty and work them in by stretching and folding.

Once you're satisfied with your new putty, you can decorate the lid and give it a unique name using the included colored pencils. Then comes the really fun part—playing with your new creation!

Recommended for ages 8+.

Features & specs

  • Make your own putty kit
  • 5 small tins of clear putty
  • 3 packs of color concentrated putties (yellow, red, blue)
  • 3 packs of special effect putties
  • Tin to hold your components
  • 6 colored pencils (red, pink, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue)
  • 5 extra labels for your tins
  • Instructional mat with suggestions from Crazy Aaron
  • Won’t dry out
  • Made in the USA

Watch our Mixed by Me Putty Kit video

Notes on this video

  • Please note that the packaging of the Mixed by Me Putty Kit has changed slightly since this video was made.

Your Putty, Your Way

From our cars to food and even clothes, we customize the things that mean the most to us because we’re all different. The Mixed By Me Putty Kit from Crazy Aaron gives you the chance to customize playtime. The set has everything you need to craft your own color, effects, and even design your own tin label.

Each kit includes five mini tins of putties, so after you make one amazing creation, you can try to best yourself on the next four.

Make 5 incredible Crazy Aaron’s Putties of your own.
Because we are all unique snowflakes.

Your Putty Palette

If putties were people, then color would be its wardrobe. Dress up your moldable play thing in blue, yellow, or red, or mix the colors together to get your favorite hue.

The colored concentrate is easily folded into the original clear putty and will quickly change its color. Put in a small amount to give the putty a frosted look or go all in for a solid color.

3 concentrates change the color of your Mixed By Me Putty!
It’s like a stretchable rainbow!

Time to Shine

Again, if putties were people, their effects would be their personalities. Fold in glow-in-the-dark, shimmer, or glitter effects to make your creation both fascinating and fun.

Just like the colors, the effects can be combined to make a glowing, sparkly, and shimmery masterpiece. Try different combinations and see what kind of cool looks you can craft. Remember, you only need a pinch of the effects and colors to create something amazing.

Add three different effects to create amazing looks.
Glow, shimmer, and sparkle!

Patented Putty

Make your mark on your custom creation with the included colored pencils and labels.

Once you have finished making a putty you can be proud of, add the sticker to the tin and give it a clever name. Complete the label using the included blue, red, green, purple, pink, and yellow colored pencils so your putty will look fantastic inside and out.

Labels and colored pencils allow you to create custom labels.
A good putty needs a good name.

Make some Putty with Jon and Joey

Watch as members of the Vat19 video team explore the Mixed by Me Putty Kit for the first time.

In episode #9 of Peep This, Jon and Joey unbox the Mixed by Me Putty Kit.

Putty Lab in a Box

Everything you need to make the next great putty is included in this kit.

Along with the five tins of clear putty, color concentrates, effects mix-ins, colored pencils and label stickers, there’s also a double-sided instruction mat. It will guide you through the process of designing a putty by explaining what effect the elements will have depending on the amount you use.

The Mixed By Me Putty Kit includes putty, pencils, tins, color concentrates, effects, labels, and a guide mat.
Set up your own putty factory!

Question: Will this putty act like other Crazy Aaron’s putty when I’m done?

Answer: Yes. While the quantity of putty in each tin is smaller, you will still be able to bounce, stretch, tear, and sculpt your creations.

Question: After I have made a putty, can I change it by adding a color or effect later?

Answer: Absolutely! Until all of the effects and colors are gone, experiment with new looks as much as you want (because the putty never dries out)!

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