Phantom UV Thinking Putty: Changes color under ultraviolet light
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Phantom UV-Reactive Thinking Putty

Putty that changes color under ultraviolet light.

Phantom UV Thinking Putty
Phantom UV Thinking Putty image
Phantom UV Thinking Putty image
Phantom UV Thinking Putty image
Phantom UV Thinking Putty image
Phantom UV Thinking Putty image
Phantom UV Thinking Putty image
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Phantom UV Thinking Putty - Arctic Flare
Arctic Flare
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Phantom UV Thinking Putty - Foxfire
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Phantom UV Thinking Putty is an amazing moldable putty that changes color when exposed to ultraviolet light.

Like any standard putty, you can mold, stretch, twist, sculpt, bounce, and tear Phantom UV Putty. But when you introduce the included UV keychain light, you can draw, write, and scribble bright designs directly onto the surface of the putty.

Expose the putty to sunlight and watch it turn a bright hue in a matter of seconds! The color changes are as temporary as the putty's shape, so you can reuse the putty over and over again.

American-made Phantom UV Putty is available in two color-changing styles. The included UV Keychain Light comes with a battery, so you can start drawing right out of the tin.

Features & specs

  • Contains 1/5 lb (90 g) of putty
  • Changes color when exposed to UV light
  • Glows in the dark
  • Stretch it, tear it, bounce it
  • Includes UV Keychain Light (battery included)
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Ages 3+

Use ultraviolet light to draw on this putty

Phantom UV Putty is a truly incredible material that reacts brightly to any ultraviolet light source.

Use the included UV keychain to draw directly on to the putty's surface. After a minute or so, the bright colors will gradually fade away, giving you a blank slate to use again and again!

Man writing on Phantom Putty with the UV Keychain Light.
Use the included UV light to write directly on to the putty.
Shown above are both colors of Phantom UV Putty. 

Just like "normal" putty... except for being UV reactive!

Like all of the amazing putties we carry, Phantom UV Putty is super fun to squeeze, stretch, bounce, twist, and tear. What makes it even more amazing is how it changes color when exposed to ultraviolet light.

Hands bouncing, stretching, tearing, and sculpting Phantom UV Putty.
Like all of our putties, Phantom Putty is still plain fun to bounce, stretch, tear, and mold.
Oh, and you can write on it with light.

Take it outside for more fun

Our glorious, life-giving sun envelopes our planet in visible light, infrared light, and ultraviolet light. Take Phantom UV Putty outside (even on cloudy days) and the putty will change color quickly and intensely. 

Phantom UV Putty reacts to sunlight as well.
Use objects and sunlight to create fun designs.

It also glows in the dark!

Phantom UV Putty not only glows in the presence of ultraviolet light, but it also glows in the dark.

"Charge" it in the sun, under a black light, or even an intense incandescent bulb, and it will glow an intense green or amber (depending on the style of Phantom Putty you purchase).

UV Phantom Putty glows in the dark.
Phantom UV Putty also glows in the dark. BO-NUS!

Writing implement included

Each 90-gram tin of Phantom Putty includes an ultraviolet keychain light (battery included). Simply squeeze it to turn on its LED, and then draw, scribble, and write to your heart's content.

Phantom Thinking Putty includes a UV Keychain Light.
Each tin of Phantom Putty includes a UV Keychain Light (battery included).

Choose from two color-changing styles

Phantom UV Putty is currently available in two styles: Foxfire and Arctic Flare. Check out the table below for how they change color depending upon the environment.

StyleResting colorUV-reactive colorGlow in the Dark color
FoxfireLight greenBright blueBright green
Arctic FlareLight pinkBright purpleAmber

UV Phantom Putty is available in multiple colors.
Phantom UV Putty is currently available in two styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does it work?!

Answer: Magic, we presume. Somehow, Crazy Aaron (the guy who invents these amazing putties), found a way to combine putty with ultraviolet-reactive colors and phosphorescent chemicals. Brilliant!

Question: What colors does it change to?

Answer: We currently sell two styles of Phantom Putty: Foxfire and Arctic Flare. Foxfire turns bright blue under UV light while Arctic Flare transforms to a bright purple. 

Question: Will the color changing effect ever wear out?

Answer: Nope!

Question: Does the included UV Keychain Light need a battery?

Answer: Yes, but one is included. Replacements can be purchased at just about any drug or convenience store. 

Question: What would happen if I purchased one tin of each and mixed them together?

Answer: You'd have the soft-serve yogurt equivalent of a swirl which is also known as pure awesome. Since that's permanent pure awesome, you'll probably want to get a second set of putties.

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