Feel Goo!: Three stress-relieving sensations in one toy!
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Feel Goo! Stress Toy

Three stress-relieving sensations in one toy!

Feel Goo!
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Feel Goo! image
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There's a satisfying stress ball to fill any desire nowadays, but picking your favorite can add a whole new layer of stress.

Feel Goo! takes the hassle out of decision-making by packing three squeezable layers of sensational substances into a single container!

These mutli-faceted fidgets are comprised of multiple layers of unique filling combinations that relieve your anxiety and occupy your mind with terrific tactile textures. You may get to enjoy a crunch with your goop or a squelch with your squish, but no matter what combo you get you’ll love smashing all the layers into one sensory smorgasbord!

You might say these toys put the "Feel Goo!" into feeling good!

Note: Because we receive this item in an assortment, your style will be chosen at random.

Features & specs

  • Stress toys filled with three different sensory substances
  • Multi-layered!
  • Assorted egg or poo-shaped styles with unique color and filling combinations
  • One style per pack
  • Your style will be chosen at random
  • Warning: choking hazard
  • Ages 3+

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