Film Reel Gift Bows: Made from hollywood movie trailers

Recycled Film Reel Gift Bows (set of 3)

Gift bows made from the film strips of Hollywood movie trailers.

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Film Reel Gift Bows are unique accessories that add a touch of flair to any package. Hand-folded in the US, each Film Reel Gift Bow is made from the leftover film strip of a Hollywood movie trailer. You and your gift recipient will enjoy figuring out what movie each bow is made from.

Each set includes three Film Reel Gift Bows. The film trailers included are chosen at random, but typically feature movies from the past 10 years. While specific films cannot be specified, discovering each title is part of the fun!

Features & specs

  • Dimensions (per bow): 5.5" diameter x 2" tall
  • Made from real Hollywood movie trailers
  • Hand made in the USA
  • Includes 3 bows (each from a different movie trailer)
  • Peel and stick adhesive on back of each bow

Gift bows made from discarded Hollywood film strips

Spice up your gifting with bows made from Hollywood movie trailer film strips. Each 5.5" bow features a section of 35mm film whose first life was in a movie theater getting you pumped up for the upcoming release of a new blockbuster.

These eye-catching, hand-made bows are sure to be a hit with anyone who receives them (even if they aren't a huge fan of the movies they're from. Sister Act 2, we're looking in your direction.). 

Adorn presents with these gift bows made from actual film reels.
Top off your next gift with a bow made from the film strip of a Hollywood movie trailer.

A fun surprise! What movies will you get?

These hand-made gift bows are fashioned using strips of film that have been discarded by movie studios.

Because the reels for a full-length movie are closely guarded (and extremely expensive to produce), the movie studios do not hand them out to just anyone. Movie trailers, on the other hand, are advertisements and are more accessible.

However, the studios do not take requests. So, each Film Reel Gift Bow has a surprise waiting within: what movie trailer is it made from?! 

Each bow is made from a strip of film reel from a Hollywood trailer.
Each Film Reel Gift Bow is made from a strip of a movie trailer.
Half the fun of this gift is figuring out the movie! 

Each set includes three gift bows

Each set of Film Reel Gift Bows includes three bows from three different movie trailers. Due to their unique (and durable) nature, your recipient can "pay it forward" by reusing the bow on future gifts (assuredly purchased from

Each set includes three bows.
Each purchase of Film Reel Gift Bows includes three bows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I choose the movies?

Answer: No. But that's part of the fun! You could get a mash-up of Toy Story, Dogma, and The Pelican Brief. The selection of movies is random, but normally confined to movies released within the past ten to fifteen years.

Question: Are there different movies in each set?

Answer: Yes. There are always three different movie trailers per set of bows.

Question: Can I unwrap the bow and watch it?

Answer: We suppose that you could. However, there is probably only about 1-2 seconds worth of footage per bow. 

Question: Are all of the images contained in the bows safe for children?

Answer: Yes. The trailers used for the Film Reel Gift Bows are approved for all audiences.

Question: Can the Film Reel Gift Bow be reused?

Answer: Absolutely. Film stock is incredibly durable and very resistant to puncture or tears. The bows are held together with a brass brad, so they will not come apart easily. These gift bows can be reused many times. If, however, the adhesive on the back loses its stickiness, you could use some Joe's Sticky Stuff or a piece of tape (hint, hint).

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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