Food Fighters Appetizer Picks: Pack of 12 army men party picks.
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Food Fighters Appetizer Picks (set of 12)

Pack of 12 army men party picks.

This item has been discontinued.

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Forget those frilly cocktail toothpicks! Execute your hosting duties with the precision of a Special Forces unit with Food Fighters Appetizer Picks.

The picks are styled after the iconic plastic Army Men figurines and feature soldiers with six distinct weapons.

Each set includes a total of twelve reusable army men party picks (six each of green and gray).

Features & specs

  • Dimensions (per pick): 2" tall (minus points)
  • Reusable plastic picks
  • Includes 12 army men per pack
  • Hand washing recommended

Pick a fight at your next bash!

The only thing worse at a party than the dreaded double dipper is the indecisive finger licker.

This guy grabs his appetizer, dunks it in the dipping sauce, chews (noisily), and licks his fingers clean. So far, he's being gross, but not yet a harbinger of disease. It's when he dives in for his next taste that things get dicey. The indecisive finger licker picks up a stick of celery, changes his mind, grabs a piece of cheese, reverses course and goes back for the celery. His saliva is spreading like wildfire!

The problem with the IFL (as opposed to the double dipper) is that the IFL can lay waste to an entire party plate and no one will be the wiser. At least the double dipper confines his strafing to the dip. This is where toothpicks, and especially awesome toothpicks, can save us all.

Styled after those iconic Army Men plastic toys, Food Fighters Appetizer Picks are the coolest way to assail your appetizers (and prevent the widespread destruction of the IFL).

Food Fighter Appetizer Picks are retro style plastic army men designed for appetizers.
Action figure party picks will help your guests storm your savory starters.

With a dozen picks per pack, your friends won't go hungry

Each set of Food Fighters Appetizer Picks includes twelve army men picks. You'll get six gray soldiers and six green ones. Mount the assault!

Each set of Food Fighters includes 12 appetizer picks.
Each set of Food Fighters Appetizer Picks includes 12 soldiers (6 of each color).

Embark on multiple culinary campaigns

Party picks this awesome should be called into duty as often as possible. Thankfully, these durable picks can be quickly rinsed off in the sink and used as many times as you want. So, buy a set. They're sure to triumph victoriously over your next party.

Food Fighter Appetizer Picks are reusable.
The Food Fighters Appetizer Picks are made from durable and reusable food safe plastic.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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