Giant Four-in-a-Row Game: Super-sized 4-in-a-row game.
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Giant Four-in-a-Row Game

Super-sized four-in-a-row game.

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Giant Four-in-a-Row is a new take on a classic game.

At nearly four feet tall, the child-high four-in-a-row game requires all the critical thinking and balance of offense and defense of the original.

The set, made of weather-resistant plastic, is a formidable addition to a backyard, playground, or playroom.

Features & specs

  • Giant 4-in-a-Row lawn game
  • Weather-proof, fade-resistant plastic
  • Clip-together assembly
  • Moveable floor gate to empty the board
  • Dimensions: 57" x 17" x 45" (145 cm x 43.18 cm x 114.3 cm)
Compared to a standard Connect Four board, it
Compared to a standard Connect Four board, it

Fantastic four

Four-in-a-row is a classic game, but it's so well known that it's not easy to get excited about it. That is, unless you make it jumbo. Like ridiculously, gratuitously jumbo. This set stands higher than a grown man's belly button with coins the size of an adult's fist.

Giant connect four!
Go big and stay home.


Playing Giant Four-in-a-Row will make you feel absolutely lilliputian. The game board is nearly five feet wide and almost four feet tall. Whether you showcase it in your backyard or keep it in a child's playroom, the game is sure to impress everyone in a big way.

Compared to a standard Connect Four board, it
We do it jumbo.

Colossal contents

The easily assembled Giant Four-in-a-Row game includes a plastic game grid with built in storage, 42 discs in a drawstring carrying bag, and instructions.

Over 3 feet tall; 42 discs; Built-in storage; Carrying bag
You might need to bring your own ladder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How portable is it?

Answer: Everything in life is a trade-off, and Giant Four-in-a-Row is no exception. Because it's really, really big, it's not really portable. But if you're into tiny, we've got some big challenges you might enjoy.

Question: How do I play?

Answer: Take turns with your opponent dropping coins into the grid and arrange four in a row (in any orientation) to win! The set includes more specific instructions.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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