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Giant Microbes

Plush toys modeled after real germs.

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Sick Day
Zombie Attack
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Scientific curiosity is contagious. Giant Microbes are cute plush toys for the young scientist, or anyone with a “sick” sense of humor.

These handheld plush pathogens are the same shape as actual germs but are one million times the size. Snuggle up with the soft playthings (no hazmat suit needed), and read the back of the box to learn more about your new germ pals—including how to avoid them IRL!

Giant Microbes are available in three collections: Sick Day, Biohazards, and Zombie Attack.

Features & specs

  • Plush toys styled after real germs
  • Approx. size: 2-4”
  • Materials: polyester fibers with hard plastic eyes
  • Three collections: Sick Day, Biohazards, and Zombie Attack
  • Sick Day includes: common cold, cough, ear ache, sore throat, and cavity
  • Biohazards includes: ebola, toxic mold, anthrax, TB, and brain-eating amoeba
  • Zombie Attack includes: brain-eating amoeba, flesh-eating bacteria, black death, and large zombie virus
  • Educational information printed on back of box
  • Ages 3+
  • Hand wash only

Oddly funny

You probably never thought you’d want to cuddle with Black Death. But if you’re not immune to oddly fun humor, you’ll love playing with Giant Microbes.

Although they’re modeled after deadly diseases, each uniquely shaped microbe has the same plush feel and adorable eyes of traditional stuffed animals. This combination of weird and cute make these pathogenic pals a funny gift. The flesh eating-bacteria even bears the outline of a knife and fork for an extra laugh.

Plush viruses and organisms
These germs are sick, bro.

No microscope needed

If you’ve ever wanted to look in the eyes of the lousy virus making you feel awful, you finally have your chance. Although real-life germs are invisible to the naked eye, Giant Microbes are one million times the size so you can see em’ and squeeze em’.

Whether you want to cuddle them for comfort or crush them in anger between coughs, these handheld toys are as close as you’ll get to holding the real deal.

A million times actual size
Get plagued by cuteness.

Textbook cuddle-tude

Although they seem kooky and fun in their own right, Giant Microbes are based on real diseases and present a good opportunity to learn about the microorganisms that make up our world. The back of each package contains interesting tidbits about the pathogens inside, including pictures taken under the microscope for your comparison.

Each Giant Microbe has a handy tag with its name so you can clearly identify each specimen.

Modeled after real diseases
How can something so deadly be so cute?

Go viral

Giant Microbes are available in three styles: Zombie Attack, Biohazards, and Sick Day. Each collection has four or five biological buddies ranging from the harmless common cold to the fatal brain-eating amoeba.

Grab the collection that fascinates you or try to catch as many diseases as possible!

Zombie AttacksBiohazardsSick Day
Gotta catch em’ all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do these contain actual viruses?

Answer: Thankfully, Giant Microbes are only stuffed replicas of actual viruses.

Question: Is the Zombie Virus real?

Answer: The zombie virus from the Zombie Attack collection is modeled after the Pithovirus sibericum virus, which became reanimated after laying dormant in Siberian frost for 30,000 years. It has not been known to induce brain-eating tendencies in humans… yet.

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In Stock
Sick Day
Zombie Attack

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