Grow Bottle Upcycled Hydrogarden Kit

Grow your own herbs using repurposed wine bottles.

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Give the gift of home-grown herbs with the earth-friendly and aesthetically pleasing Grow Bottle. Each hydrogarden is hand-crafted from a recycled wine bottle which not only serves as the kit's packaging, but also as its pot and water reservoir.

The Grow Bottle kit comes with certified organic seeds, soil-less mix, a wool watering wick, and plant nutrient.

Add water and some sunlight and you'll be growing your very own basil, parsley, or mint in no time!

Please note that Grow Bottles cannot be shipped outside the United States.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 8" x 3.25" diameter
  • Includes organic seed, grow bottle, and soil-less mix
  • Includes plant nutrient, wool felt wick, cork coaster, directions
  • Certified organic by Idaho State Dept. of Agriculture
  • Choose from basil, parsley, and mint

Grow herbs indoors using a repurposed wine bottle

Grow Bottle Kits are a clever reuse of one of our favorite containers: wine bottles!

Not only does the repurposed bottle serve as the packaging, it's also the "pot" and water reservoir for growing your own basil, mint, or parsley. Clever, indeed!

The kit includes:

  • Seeds of your choosing (currently mint, basil, or parsley)
  • Soil-less growing mix
  • Plant nutrient
  • Wool wick strip
  • Two-part "pot" made from a wine bottle
    Instructions for planting and growing

Grow Bottle Kits include everything you need to grow your own herbs using a repurposed wine bottle.
Grow Bottles include everything you need to grow your own herbs indoors.

Just add a little water and sunshine

With the Grow Bottle (plus a little water and sunshine), you'll be growing parsley, mint, or basil in no time! The Grow Bottle's unique packaging also serves as the pot and reservoir for your home-grown seasonings.

The Grow Bottle plus a little water and sunlight eventually creates edible herbs!
The Grow Bottle includes everything you need to grow your own basil, parsley, or mint.

Handmade from discarded wine bottles

Grow Bottles are hand-crafted from repurposed wine bottles. Each one is sanitized, cut, and polished by hand and then filled with everything needed to create your own indoor hydrogarden.

Every Grow Bottle is handmade using a repurposed wine bottle.
Grow Bottles are handmade from discarded wine bottles.

Choose from several herbs

Grow Bottles are available in mint, basil, and parsley varieties. Yes, you can and should buy all three. Your taste buds demand it!

Grow Bottles are available in mint, basil, and parsley.
Grow Bottles are available in mint, basil, and parsley.

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