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Hans Gretel Signature Talking Bottle Opener

Hear Hans Gretel speak whenever you open a beer.

This item has been discontinued.

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Celebrate and proclaim your undying love and affection for Hans Gretel with the Hans Gretel Signature Talking Bottle Opener.

Hans catapulted to pseudo-minor celebrity status with his music video, Das Boot. With the Hans Gretel Signature Talking Bottle Opener, you can enjoy Hans' company (without the awkwardness and expense of having to fly him in from Augsburg) anytime you crack open a beer.

As soon as you pop the top, a small speaker on the back of the opener plays his signature phrase, "Ooh yah, that's more like it, keep pouring!"

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Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 5" x 1.25" x 0.5"
  • Speaks famous Hans Gretel line when used
  • Requires 3 x AG13 button cell batteries (included)
  • This item is a Vat19 exclusive!

Watch our Talking Bottle Opener video

Open a beer, hear Hans Gretel speak!

If you're wondering, "Who the heck is Hans Gretel?", crawl out from under your rock, watch this video, and then come back to this page. We'll wait.

OK, now that your mind has been blown, you're probably wondering, "How can I get a piece of that Hans Gretel?" Wonder no more!

With the Hans Gretel Signature Talking Bottle Opener, you can hear his words of beer-pouring encouragement every time you open a bottle.

Pops bottle in ultimate class with the Hans Gretel Signature Bottle Opener.
Crack open a bottle to hear Hans Gretel tell you to keep pouring!

Hear Hans in action

Check out the short demo video below of the Hans Gretel Signature Talking Bottle Opener in action!

Attractive design + sultry voice = Hans heaven

Hans is famous for his phrase, "German is my first language. But English is my first lover." However, that didn't seem to fit well with a bottle opener. So, we digitally remastered a line from the Das Beer Boot video and "stuck it in ze boot" of the bottle opener.

Every time you crack a bottle, Hans will say, "Ooh yah, that's more like it, keep pouring!" Now you have no reason to cut any fun party short!

The Hans Gretel Signature Bottle Opener top and back views.
Hans Gretel reads one of his most famous lines every time you open a beer.

Party with Hans Gretel!

Hans Gretel parties like Chuck Norris kills people: with precision.

Add some awesome to your next soiree with the Hans Gretel Signature Talking Bottle Opener!

Hans Gretel demonstrating proper usage of the Hans Gretel Signature Bottle Opener.
Hans Gretel would not be caught dead without his Talking Bottle Opener.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I thought "Stick it in ze boot" was Hans' signature phrase?

Answer: That depends on who you ask. However, Hans is probably saving that phrase for his upcoming line of cookbooks. He simply felt that "Ooh yah, that's more like it, keep pouring" was ideal for opening beer.

Question: How long do the batteries last?

Answer: Each set of batteries lasts for over 250 bottle opens.

Replacing the batteries is possible, but can be a bit challenging due to nine small screws that must be removed to access the battery compartment. Please note that the Hans Gretel Signature Talking Bottle Opener comes with a fresh set of batteries.

Question: OMG! Did Hans go blonde?

Answer: All we can say is that Hans gets what Hans wants.

Question: How do I get Hans to come to my next party?

Answer: Buy a few hundred of these bottle openers first and we'll see what we can arrange with the artist!

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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