Vat19 Keychain: The Vat19est keychain you can buy.
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Vat19 Keychain

The Vat19est keychain you can buy.

Vat19 Keychain
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Durable textured material; Steel split ring; Awesomeness you can feel
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  • Vat19 Keychain
  • Buy 2+, get more awesome!
  • Durable textured material; Steel split ring; Awesomeness you can feel
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Wallet, phone, keys… the trifecta of responsibility. But being responsible doesn't mean being boring. Dress up your keychain with a two-tone tuxedo of fun and attach your keys to a Vat19 Keychain.

Each keychain is a die-cut version of Vat19's logo on flexible PVC with letters that pop out from the surface.

So rep the most curiously awesome purveyors you know and keep track of the thing that unlocks your house at the same time (that's the place where you keep all the stuff you bought from Vat19).

Features & specs

  • Vat19-shaped keychain with split ring
  • Approx. dimensions: 3" x 1 1/4" x 1/8" (7.62 cm x 3.17 cm x 0.31 cm)
  • Material: flexible PVC
  • Two-tone white and orange
  • 3D relief textured printing that you can feel with cut-out effect
  • This item is a Vat19 exclusive!

Outstandingly orange

Here's a riddle: what's small, orange, holds your keys, and totally awesome? Since you're on this webpage, you probably guessed the Vat19 keychain. You're so smart! And since you're so brilliant, you probably know the smart move is to buy one for yourself!

If you hold it to your ear, you can almost hear the Vat19 jingle.

Stock up and save

What's more awesome than a Vat19 keychain? Multiple Vat19 keychains! Just like with our stickers and pens, when you buy more than one keychain, the discount stacks up. So go ahead and buy these bad boys in bulk.

Buy 2+, get more awesome!
Multiply your tags and multiply your savings.

Fully functional

We wouldn't sell you a dud. That's why the awesome factor of Vat19's official keychain packs a powerful punch.

The rubbery texture is super-durable, and the die-cut logo with embossed features are a tactile treat. With an obvious orange logo, you can ninja-fy your keys and still spot them. The keyring also makes an awesome addition to the zippers on your bags and puts the ultimate edge on your fanny pack.

Durable textured material; Steel split ring; Awesomeness you can feel
Hang your keys with promotional pride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: So you can hook me up with a sticker, a pen, and now a keychain. Is there any more Vat19 logo stuff to buy?

Answer: Round out your collection with a slap-on wrist ornament.

Question: But why?

Answer: If you have to ask, you may not have noticed our awesome gifts or the awesome videos we made to promote them.

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