Heroclip: A versatile carabiner with a fully rotating hook.
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A versatile carabiner with a fully rotating hook.

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Not all heroes wear capes; some wear clips! The Heroclip is a carabiner with an extendable hook so you can hang your stuff no matter where you are.

The Heroclip’s innovative design has a 360° swiveling hook on a double-jointed arm that provides maximum maneuverability to fit into any nook or cranny you encounter. Clip your stuff on the airplane-grade aluminum carabiner and hang it from tree branches, boulders, changing tables, luggage handles, chairs, and more. No matter where you hang it, the hook’s rubber cap will grip to the surface.

The compact Heroclip is ready to save the day in the woods or in your daily life.

Features & specs

  • Carabiner and hook combination tool
  • Hook swivels 360°
  • Double-jointed hook extension arm
  • Rubber end cap for better grip
  • Max capacity: 50 lb (22 kg)
  • Weight: 2 oz (28 g)
  • Material: airplane-grade aluminum with rubber

Handy hook

You never know when you’ll need to hang your stuff. You may be on an off-trail backpacking trip and need to keep your gear off the wet ground while you set up camp. Or you might need to hook your diaper bag to the changing table and keep it off of the dirty public bathroom floor (because your kid always chooses the worst time to need a change). No matter how you need it, Heroclip has you covered.

The rubber cap on the end of the hook lets you securely hang your gear from flat surfaces like desks and shelves while the 360° swivel lets you easily access your stuff.

It’s the hero we deserve and the one we need.

Clever clip

The Heroclip has all of the functionality of a carabiner with an extra helping of helpfulness. You can use the metal gate of the carabiner by itself when all you need to do is clip your stuff. Then, when you need to hang it off of the ground, swivel the hook out and use the double-jointed arm to fit the confines of your space. When you no longer need it, the hook neatly tucks around the carabiner for compact packing.

You’ll want this versatile, clever design on your next expedition and for back in the homestead too.

The Heroclip carabiner clips, swivels, and hooksThe Heroclip carabiner clips, swivels, and hooksThe Heroclip carabiner clips, swivels, and hooks
Use the Heroclip to clip, swivel, and hook.

Holds its weight

The Heroclip may have a light weight, but it’s no lightweight. Made from super-strong aluminum, this mighty clip can hold up to 50 pounds! The airplane-grade material is durable enough for your outdoor gear, but at 2 ounces, it’s light enough to carry in your pocket.

Heroclip holds up to 50 lbs
The solid aluminum Heroclip holds 50 lbs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I use this when I’m rock climbing?

Answer: The Heroclip is not rated to hold your weight while rock climbing. However, you may find it useful to hold your gear during your outing.

Question: Is it made for a specific use?

Answer: The Heroclip has a broad range of uses. While most people will probably find it most beneficial for outdoor activities, it has a myriad of everyday uses as well.

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