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IcoSoKu 3-D Brainteaser Puzzle

Place the tiles so the dots add up to the number they surround.

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Give your brain a kick in the face with IcoSoKu.

This 3-D brainteaser uses an icosahedron (a 20-faced shape composed of equilateral triangles) as its canvas. To begin the game, randomly insert the yellow buttons (numbered from 1-12) at the intersection of every triangle.

Your goal is to then arrange your twenty triangular puzzle pieces so that the sum of the dots surrounding each button is equal to the number on that button.

IcoSoKu is a challenging and portable puzzle with tons of replay value. Simply rearrange the numbered buttons to play again. There are thousands of possible configurations and they can all be solved. Ages 7+.

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Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 4.5" x 4.5" x 4.5"
  • 1 player
  • Ages 7+
  • Thousands of challenges

Watch our IcoSoKu Puzzle video

Arrange the dots so they add up to the numbered button

Your goal when playing IcoSoKu is to arrange the puzzle tiles so that the dots closest to each number add up to that number.

In the picture below, the dots surrounding the "8" add up to eight. Think it's easy? Think again. IcoSoKu is maddening. Just when you think you've got it solved, you turn the ball and discover that you're far from a final solution. And just imagine the start of the game when none of the puzzle tiles have been placed!

IcoSoKu challenges you to place puzzle tiles so that the numbered dots add up to the number buttons.
Arrange the puzzle so that the dots surrounding a number add up to that number.

Start each game by randomly placing the numbers

To begin playing IcoSoKu, remove all of the tiles and numbered buttons. Then, randomly place the buttons on the "ball" (it makes no difference where you place them). Finally, arrange the puzzle tiles so that the dots add up to the number they surround.

To start a game of IcoSoKu, place the number buttons randomly on the Icosahedron puzzle ball.
To start a new game of IcoSoKu, insert the twelve numbered buttons randomly into the "ball".

Thousands of challenges!

IcoSoKu can be solved thousands of times -- simply rearrange the numbered buttons to start a new game. Rest assured that any configuration of numbers can be solved.

Any arrangement of number buttons can be solved.
Arrange the number buttons however you see fit because any configuration can be solved!

Tease your brain. It'll thank you for it.

The IcoSoKu includes the 20-sided icosahedron "ball", twelve numbered buttons, and twenty puzzle tiles. Because the entire puzzle is self-contained, you can leave it out on a coffee table for on-demand puzzling whenever your brain needs a little workout.

The IcoSoKu game includes 12 number buttons and 20 puzzle tiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: So it's like Sudoku?

Answer: There's definitely a resemblance! IcoSoKu requires that you start the puzzle partially completed (the number buttons are already placed). You also have to make things add up correctly to solve the puzzle.

Question: Does it matter how I arrange the numbers?

Answer: No. Any arrangement of numbers can be solved. So don't give up!

Question: How many different challenges are there?

Answer: We're no math geniuses, but we know it's in the thousands. Simply rearrange the numbered buttons to start a new puzzle.

Question: How do the tiles "stick" to the ball?

Answer: The tiles simply snap into place.

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