Indoor Curling Set: The game of curling without ice!
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Indoor Curling Set

The game of curling without ice!

Indoor Curling Set
A gliding stone gathers more points!
A gliding stone gathers more points!
Every bit you need for your bonspiel!
  • Indoor Curling Set
  • A gliding stone gathers more points!
  • A gliding stone gathers more points!
  • Every bit you need for your bonspiel!
  • Turn your living room into a rink!
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Who says you need ice to play curling? With the Indoor Curling set, you'll be throwing stones in the comfort of your own home.

This innovative take on the family-friendly game from the great white north can now be enjoyed right in the middle of your family room!

To play, just grab some friends or family, lay out the polypropylene play mat, and turn on your "stones" that hover and slide as if they're on real ice! The stones use air current to hover over the "ice" play mat, allowing for a smooth glide down the lane toward the scoring circles.

The portable, reusable box with handle allows you to take it with you wherever you want. Aside from installing a few batteries, no assembly is required, and the play mat is easily vacuumed or swept when games get a little rowdy.

Break out this fun strategic game at your next gathering and have yourself a full-on "Bonspiel"!

Features & specs

  • An indoor, ice-less version of Curling
  • Includes: six battery-operated stones (three red, three yellow) that "hover" on the mat as if they're on ice, polypropylene play mat, and detailed instructions
  • Requires AA batteries (not included)
  • Stones measure 7 ½" diam. (21 cm)
  • Polypropylene play mat 11 ½ 'L x 2 ½' W (3.5 m L x 0.8 m W)
  • No assembly required
  • Ages 3+
  • Note: This item ships in its own packaging

Family room fun

Thanks to the ingenious design of the Indoor Curling Set, you can play the cool-as-ice game of curling from the comfort of your cozy room-temp living room. Just switch on the stones, set your concentration, and send your best toss toward the button! It's fun for the whole family, so you won't have to worry about mom getting mad about throwing stones in the house.

Turn your living room into a rink!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does it come with batteries?

Answer: No, batteries are not included.

Question: Does it come with the brooms the players use?

Answer: Since the stones don't slide on ice, there's no need for brooms.

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