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Koi Toy

Water-activated, light-up, color-changing fish toy.

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Koi Toy is a bright and translucent pool and bath toy with light-up insides. As soon as Koi Toy touches water, the color-changing LED lights up. It's made from tough and durable plastic that can handle the rigors of bath time as well as outdoor life in the pool. Like any good water toy, the Koi Toy floats.

Features & specs

  • 7" head to tail x 3" wide x 3" tall
  • Color-changing LED lights up when Koi Toy touches water
  • Battery is included
  • Made from tough, durable plastic
  • Floats
  • Kids 3+

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Your $7,000 Asagi Koi can't light up from the inside!

While there are a nearly limitless number of koi varietals (some of which sell for insane sums of money), there is only one Koi Toy. Although the Koi Toy exhibits the traditional orange coloring of the Orenji Ogon (thank you, Wikipedia), there's nothing traditional or ordinary about the Koi Toy.

When touched to water, the Koi Toy lights up from the inside. It's LED inner-workings continuously cycle through a variety of colors for as long as the Koi Toy is touching water.

Koi Toy Size
The Koi Toy is a floating pool and bath toy that lights up when it touches water.

Color-cycling fishy fun

Simply dropping the Koi Toy into a bathtub or pool is all it takes to light it up. The Koi Toy's translucent skin (a tough, durable plastic) houses a color-cycling LED bulb.

Koi Toy water-activated color-cycling bath and pool toy
The Koi Toy houses a color changing LED.

Sealed compartment houses the bulb and battery

The Koi Toy's battery and LED bulbs are safely secured in a sealed compartment inside the Koi Toy. The included battery will last for up to 40 hours. Note: The LED bulb turns off as soon as the Koi Toy is removed from the water.

Koi Toy battery compartment
The included battery lasts for up to 40 hours of bathtime fun.

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