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Magnetic Bottle Opener

Affix to any metal surface and pop those tops.

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The Magnetic Bottle Opener, as its name suggests, is a great alternative to traditional wall-mounted openers.

Affix the bottle opener to any metal surface. The strong magnets and design provide enough leverage to take off a bottle top in one quick move.

If you have a stainless steel fridge, it may or may not be magnetic. If you're hanging Jimmy's finger painting with duct tape, it's probably not magnetic.

Features & specs

  • Rust-free stainless steel
  • Approx. 7" tall x 2.25" wide

Watch our Magnetic Bottle Opener video

Yes, the magnet is strong enough!

Magnetic Bottle Opener can be put onto any metal surface.
It's easy to lose conventional bottle openers, but this magnetic fridge bottle opener
stays put for as long as magnetism exists.

Magnets can be really, really strong. Strong enough to lift junk cars (or Superman) into a smashing machine. Fortunately, for Superman, he was able to escape. The junk cars, not so lucky.

We have thoroughly tested this magnetic bottle opener and it does not dislodge in the slightest. In fact, our only criticism is that it can be a little tough to get it un-stuck if you choose to move it. This is, of course, the number one advantage over the traditional wall-mounted bottle opener.

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