Paint Handy: Mess-reducing anti-gravity painting tool!
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Non-Spill Paint Tray Pro

Mess-reducing anti-gravity painting tool!

Non-Spill Paint Tray Pro
Non-Spill Paint Tray Pro image
Non-Spill Paint Tray Pro image
Non-Spill Paint Tray Pro image
Non-Spill Paint Tray Pro image
Non-Spill Paint Tray Pro image
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Putting down several drop cloths, taping seams, removing fixtures, and finally painting can often be a big, messy job.

Help keep your paint right where you need it with the Non-Spill Paint Tray Pro. This revolutionary painting tool holds the paint in the tray without spills and attaches to your hand for easy access.

Just fill the removable liner with up to 12 ounces of paint, attach the strap to your hand, and begin transforming your room. The bristles inside the liner hold your paint inside the Non-Spill Paint Tray Pro, but when the brush is applied, it releases the paint for application.

You can drop it, flip it, tilt it, and the paint won’t spill onto your floor or carpet! The Non-Spill Paint Tray Pro is perfect for edging and trim work, covering with small rollers, and is extremely useful when you’re on a ladder and have nowhere to set a paint can. Made in the USA.

Features & specs

  • No-spill paint tray
  • Removable liner
  • Holds 12 oz of paint!
  • Strap to hold it securely to your hand
  • Included squeegee for easy cleanup & reusing paint
  • Made in the USA

A Flat Bucket

The Non-Spill Paint Tray Pro is a totally new way to handle painting in tight or high places.

The flat design is achieved through a removable liner boasting thousands of tiny bristles that trap the paint until a brush is applied. This eliminates drips, even if you tip it over. And a strap on the back of the disc holds your hand comfortably and affords easy manueverability when you’re on a ladder.

The Paint Handy is a new flat paint accessory.
A very handy paint tool.

Handy from the floor to the ceiling

The Non-Spill Paint Tray Pro really shines when it’s time for detailed brushwork. Its drip-free technology allows you to move quickly and easily from trim to baseboard. You can also use small rollers in the tray to speed up work on larger surfaces.

Load up the tray, slide in your hand, and get into the hard-to-reach areas of your room without fear that your floor winds up with the most paint on it.

The Paint Handy is perfect for trim or edge work.
The lightweight Non-Spill Paint Tray Pro is a dream to use on a ladder.

Like a clown car for paint

We had to double-check our measurements twice (that's four checks, mind you) to confirm that the Non-Spill Paint Tray Pro can indeed hold up to twelve ounces of paint! That means far fewer trips to the bucket, which is a huge timesaver when dealing with ladders.

The Paint Handy can hold 12 ounces of paint
A can on your hand.

Save the excess

When you're done working, use the included squeegee to save any excess paint. You can then quickly rinse out the liner and move on to your next color!

An included squeegee will easily remove excess paint.
Just scrape and go!

Line R’ Up for a wash

Non-Spill Paint Tray Pro's oh-so-important liner just so happens to be oh-so-removeable, making cleanup a snap. Just pop it out of the black tray and run it under water to get it ready for the next coat.

The Paint Handy liner is removable for convenient cleanup.
Oh, snap!

Question: But for real, if I tip this thing over it’s gonna spill. Right?

Answer: As long as you don’t pour in more than 12 ounces, the Non-Spill Paint Tray Pro will defy gravity and hold your paint upside down.

Question: Can I use a roller?

Answer: Yep! Small rollers work extremely well in the Non-Spill Paint Tray Pro, making your work move even quicker.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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