The PenUltimate 7-in-1 Pen
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The PenUltimate 7-in-1 Pen

It's a stylus, ruler, level, screwdriver, and... a pen!

The PenUltimate 7-in-1 Pen
The PenUltimate 7-in-1 Pen image
The PenUltimate 7-in-1 Pen image
The PenUltimate 7-in-1 Pen image
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Pens should do way more than just write, right? The 7-in-1 Pen packs Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, a stylus, a metric and inch ruler, and even a spirit level to give your everyday writing tool super powers.

The all-aluminum design feels great in the hand, no matter if you're writing a note, replacing a watch battery, measuring a graph, scrolling on your iPad, or checking to see if your wall-mounted TV is level.

When you're done writing, the ballpoint hides away with a simple twist. The stylus is integrated into the never-lose screw-on cap, which also hides the pair of screwdrivers. The tool you need is always at hand with the 7-in-1 pen.

Similar to the SwissPen X-1, this pen can do a lot more than your ordinary ballpoint.

Features & specs

  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Flathead and Phillips screwdriver
  • Capacitive touch stylus for smart devices
  • Integrated bubble level
  • Metric and inch ruler
  • Pen clip
  • Replaceable D1 ink cartridge included
  • Smooth twist-action for opening and closing
  • Length: 5.75”

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It's truly the ultimate pen!

If you work at the speed of life, you’re going to need a writing tool that can keep up. The 7-in-1 PenUltimate Pen helps shoulder the load with seven different tools housed within a sturdy aluminum body.

Switch from pen to capacitive stylus on the fly or help your co-worker open their laptop with the integrated jeweler's screwdriver set. Whatever the task, the 7-in-1 pen can check it off your to-do list so you can keep working.

A hand writes out the features of the pen
An incredibly useful pen? Check!

Useful (and unique!) features

When your work moves to the digital realm, The PenUltimate moves with you thanks to its capacitive touch stylus. And when you need to check the level of a framed picture, you won't need to dig through your toolbox; the level is in your hand!

A reversible screwdriver bit (tucked away in the end of the pen) is perfect for use on electronics or a quick fix on a pair of glasses. Finally, metric and inch rulers help you double-check your work when the job is done.

Seven tools in one pen.
When the task changes, so does the pen.

Show em’ what you’re workin’ with!

The PenUltimate isn’t one of those flimsy pens they give you when you open a free checking account.

The level is securely embedded in an aluminum frame, and the steel screwdriver bit is built to last. Every tool is high-quality and carefully designed to help you complete your next endeavor.

Ballpoint pen, screwdrivers, rulers, bubble level and stylus at work.
A pen for the job site and the desk!

Question: What are the seven functions in the pen?

Answer: A ballpoint pen, a metric and inch ruler, a stylus, a bubble level, a flathead screwdriver, and a Phillips head screwdriver.

Question: What devices is the stylus compatible with?

Answer: The capacitive touch stylus should work with any screen designed to work with your finger.

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