Perplexus Warp: Tricky marble maze puzzle

Perplexus Warp

Warped spheroid maze puzzle that’ll twist your mind.

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Combine a Rube Goldberg Machine with a labyrinth and throw in a pinch of race track and you get the Perplexus Warp, a marble maze puzzle housed in a transparent shell.

Flip, twist, and spin the shell to roll the marble along a track and traverse 80 challenging events and six checkpoints in three stages. You’ll need logical thinking skills to solve the maze run and manual dexterity to make it happen. When you fall off the track—and you will—you’ll need to start all over! Once you’ve mastered the maze, challenge a friend to a time trial.

Get solving with the frustratingly awesome Perplexus Warped.

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Features & specs

  • 3D kinesthetic puzzle
  • 1 player marble maze
  • External slider to manipulate the ball along the track
  • Plastic construction with metal marble
  • Recommended ages: 6+

Perplexing maze solving

To solve the Perplexus maze, you’ll need sharp critical thinking skills and an inventive mind. Once you’ve got it figured out, you still need excellent eye-hand coordination to guide the marble to your goal.

Good luck, because if you mess up, you have to start over at the beginning!

Frustratingly awesome!
If it were any harder, it’d have to be made from diamonds.

80 staggering obstacles to overcome!

The goal of every ball-in-a-maze labyrinth is simple, but the execution is usually hard. For the Perplexus Warp, it’s a downright marathon.

You’ll have to overcome 80 different challenges to beat the Warp. Conquering the puzzle is a Herculean feat that will make you feel like a mental giant.

80 challenges and six checkpoints!
For the record, Hercules only had to overcome 12 trials.

And now for something completely different

With so many obstacles, you might think each and every one would be the same thing over and over again. But Perplexus Warp challenges and surprises you with a variety of obstacles like 180º flips to make basket catches, rolling up and down staircases, guiding the marble along a wavy, bumpy, rail-less track, and plenty more places to fall!

Baskets, stairs, the slider, double tracks, and treacherous turns!
At least there’s no barbed wire.

Question: Why is it warped?

Answer: Its warped shape has three purposes: it’s easier to hold than a perfect sphere, it won’t roll off a table, and it’s fun!

Question: You called it a spheroid, but it’s really a spherical octahedron. What gives?

Answer: Yes, nerd, you’re right. You sound like somebody who might enjoy beating this puzzle, so give it a try!

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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