Plant Magnets: Give your plants some magnetic personality.

Plant Magnets (Set of 3)

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Give your plants some magnetic personality.

Plant Magnets
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Just giving your plants water and sunlight? Boring! Give them a whole new personality with Plant Magnets!

These magnetic googly-eyed accents affix to your plant's fronds giving your green friends an extra bit of character. Pin your favorite eye expression to your plant's leaf front by choosing the desired strength of the included double-sided magnet you attach to the back; a strong side for thicker plants and a weak side for more delicate leaves, ensuring the health and vitality of your beloved botanicals.

Now that you've given your greenery a new look, talking to them won't seem so one-sided!

Features & specs

  • Googly eye themed magnets you can put on your plants
  • Plant-safe magnet backing
  • Double-sided magnet lets you adjust for leaf thickness
  • Approx. dimensions: 0.67" x 0.08" x 0.79" (17 mm x 2 mm x 20 mm)
  • Minimal plastic
  • Warning: small magnetic parts - hazardous if swallowed
  • Ages 8+
  • Includes three pairs of eyes

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