Hot Sauce Roulette: A game of spicy chance!
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Hot Sauce Roulette

A game of spicy chance!

Hot Sauce Roulette
Can you handle the heat?
12 levels of heat from hot to hellish.
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  • Hot Sauce Roulette
  • Can you handle the heat?
  • 12 levels of heat from hot to hellish.
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Hot Sauce Roulette is the one gambling game where you want to avoid a hot streak!

The 12 mini bottles of hot sauce in the set are arranged around a wheel. Flick the spinner in the center of the wheel and sample the sauce it lands on. With heat levels ranging from meh to melt-yo-face-off, you’ll be nervously anticipating the outcome of each spicy spin.

Players drop out when they decide they can’t handle the heat, and the game continues until one brave soul remains to claim victory (and first dibs on the milk). It’s a fun group game for those who like lady luck with a little spice.

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Features & specs

  • 12 hot sauces of increasing intensity packaged as a game of chance
  • Spin the wheel to see which sauce you try
  • Includes cardboard game board with spinner, 12 numbered bottles, and cheat sheet of flavors
  • Sauces feature jalapeño pepper, habanero pepper, ghost pepper, scorpion pepper, Carolina reaper pepper, and capsicum extract
  • Net Wt. (each): 0.75 fl oz (22 mL)
  • Made in the USA

Wheel of scorchin’

Hot Sauce Roulette is modeled after the classic casino game, but instead of risking money and mortgages, you’re gambling your taste buds! Each spin is loaded with anticipation as you wait to see which sauce you’ll be sampling. Whatever the arrow points to, you put a dab of that bottle’s sauce on a chip or cracker and take a bite.

With intuitive rules and twelve levels of spice, this heat tolerance test is a fun game for you and your fellow hotheads.

Fun hot sauce game
Can you handle the heat?

Test your range

The dozen different sauces in the Hot Sauce Roulette set truly range the gamut from the mellow heat of bottle #1 to the knock-your-socks-off fire of bottle #12.

Each sauce on the scale adds an extra spice element (as detailed in the cheat sheet). So while the first sauce features the jalapeño, the next sauce ups the ante with jalapeño plus habanero. The hottest sauce in the bunch is made with several of the hottest peppers in the world and even chili pepper extract, so make sure you’ve got your good luck charm—and some good luck milk just in case.

When the game’s over, feel free to add your favorite sauces to your food. Just remember to save some for your next round!

Contains ghost pepper and Carolina Reaper pepper
12 levels of heat from hot to hellish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What flavor are these sauces?

Answer: The Hot Sauce Roulette sauces don’t have specific flavors beyond vinegar and pepper since they’re more about the variant spice levels. Check out the Hot Sauce Challenge if you want more taste variety… the spice of life.

Question: How do I know which one is gonna be the hottest?

Answer: The sauces are arranged in order of heat, with 1 being the lowest and 12 being the highest.

Question: Can I buy an individual replacement bottle?

Answer: We do not sell individual bottles at this time.

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