Saint & Sinner Wine Bottle Stopper Set: Stoppers for Good and Evil
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Saint & Sinner Wine Stopper Set

Perfectly paired pewter wine stoppers.

Saint & Sinner Wine Stopper Set
  • Saint & Sinner Wine Stopper Set
This item has been discontinued.


Our Saint & Sinner Wine Bottle Stopper Set is the perfect gift for your favorite oenophile. For those of you who aren't wine snobs, an oenophile is a wine connoisseur (turns out they don't like being called snobs). Of course, even if you can't distinguish the 1993 vintage from the 1994, you will still enjoy this pewter wine bottle stopper set for its cute and clever design.

Features & specs

  • 3" tall x 1.5" wide
  • Made of pewter
  • Opening holds a wine cork

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The devil went down to Georgia, picked up an angel, and they shared a bottle of wine

For those of you who missed the Charlie Daniels reference above, don't worry about it. It's not our best song reference. However, we're trying to avoid the obviously cheesy line, "This is the perfect wine bottle stopper set whether you're feeling altogether angelic or decidedly devilish". Hey, we know you don't need the sugar-coated sales pitch to fall in love with these bottle stoppers.

You're a discerning shopper who isn't swayed by fancy slogans, snappy writing, or even bribes. So, we'll keep the sales pitch simple: This is a great pewter wine bottle stopper set and if you ever want to see your priceless collection of ceramic unicorn figurines again, you'll order a set of our Saint & Sinner Wine Bottle Stoppers. Wait, ransom probably won't work, either. OK, you can keep your unicorn figurines even if you don't buy our Saint & Sinner Wine Bottle Stopper set. But, we're pretty sure you or your friends will love them!

Saint & Sinner Wine Stopper Set
The Saint & Sinner Pewter Wine Bottle Stopper Set.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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