SkyBar Wine and Champagne Traveler

SkyBar Wine & Champagne Traveler

Stylish carrier keeps wine and champagne chilled for hours.

Dark Gray
This item has been discontinued.
Light Blue
This item has been discontinued.

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The insulated SkyBar Wine and Champagne Traveler keeps your pre-chilled spirits cool for up to two hours. Safely transport your favorite varietal to parties, housewarmings, showers, and trips to the country with the sturdy SkyBar Wine Traveler.

The stylish plastic housing features a thick layer of insulating foam that maintains an appropriate drinking temperature. The lid's alignment tabs ensure a snug fit and the snap-in handle prevents the lid from popping off during transportation.

Available in two color styles. Fits 750mL wine and champagne bottles.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 16" x 4.375" diameter
  • Insulated lining maintains appropriate drinking temperature for 2 hours
  • Handles snap into fitted side grooves for secure transportation
  • Not intended to transport open bottles
  • Reusable

Safely transport wine, keep it chilled along the way

The SkyBar Wine Traveler is specifically designed to safely transport 750mL bottles of wine and champagne.

Its hard plastic exterior is sturdy, and its interior foam lining provides up to two hours of insulation so your chilled wine remains at the perfect drinking temperature when you arrive at your destination.

SkyBar Insulated Wine Traveler and Tote
Insulated carrier keeps pre-chilled wine cool for hours!

Step 1: Insert the bottle into the carrier

The SkyBar Wine Carrier is incredibly easy to use. Start by placing your chilled wine bottle into the base. The insulated lining will maintain the temperature of your chilled spirits.

To use the SkyBar, first insert the bottle of wine or champagne.
Insert your bottle into the insulated base of the SkyBar Wine Traveler.

Step 2: Slip the cover over the bottle

Place the lid over the bottle using the alignment tabs to ensure a tight and secure fit.

Step 2: Place the top cover ensuring that the alignment tabs are arranged appropriately.
Cover the bottle with the lid using the alignment tabs to ensure a secure fit.

Step 3: Secure the lid with the snap-in handle

The metal handle will snap into grooves on either side of the lid. This prevents the top from popping off while you transport your wine or champagne to your event.

Secure the top cover by snapping the handle into the side grooves.
The handle snaps into place, preventing the top from coming loose.

Works with champagne, too!

The SkyBar Wine Traveler also keeps pre-chilled champagne cool for hours!

The SkyBar is also great for transporting chilled champagne.
Safely transport your Champagne with the SkyBar Wine and Champagne Traveler.

The SkyBar Wine Traveler completes the gift

Presenting a friend or loved one with a bottle of wine is a great gift. Take it to the next level with the SkyBar Wine Traveler. Not only can you present them with a chilled bottle that is ready to serve, but they can reuse the carrier again and again. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

A small gift tag is included on the handle of the SkyBar Wine Traveler to personalize the gift.

A small gift tag is included in order to complete the gift of giving a bottle of wine or champagne.
Give friends or relatives a perfect combo gift: a chilled bottle of wine and their very own insulated wine tote.
Use the included gift tag to personalize the SkyBar.

Available in two styles

The SkyBar Wine and Champagne Traveler is currently available in two styles: light blue and dark gray.

The SkyBar Wine and Champagne Tote is currently available in light blue and darky gray.
Choose between light blue and dark gray SkyBar Wine and Champagne Totes.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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