Sleep Sheep Plush Sound Machine: Soothing sounds to help children sleep.
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Sleep Sheep Plush Sound Machine

Soothing sounds to help children sleep.

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The Sleep Sheep is a baby's perfect sleep companion. This award-winning plush toy helps comfort babies and children to sleep. The Sleep Sheep can be attached to the outside of the crib or a bedpost and features four, soothing "white noise" sounds.

Simple push-button sound selection, volume control, and two sleep timers make the Sleep Sheep very easy to use. This is very important as over-tired parents of newborns cannot be expected to operate complicated toys.

Features & specs

  • Approx. 10" tall x 6" deep x 7" wide
  • Two sleep-timer options: 23 min and 45 min
  • Four soothing sounds: mother's heart beat, rain, ocean waves, whale song
  • Includes 2 AA batteries
  • Ages 0+
  • Velcro strap to attach to crib or bedpost
  • Includes Sleep Sheep story and adoption certificate

Plush sound machine soothes your child to sleep

Some babies and some children have lungs more powerful than the V-8 Power-Stroke engine in an F-350. However, turning off a baby isn't as simple as turning the ignition. Quieting a fussy baby can require rocking, bouncing, singing, praying, and pleading. With the Sleep Sheep, you might just soothe your baby into a peaceful sleep and get a few winks yourself...without promising your child a brand new Ferrari when they turn 16 if they would just be quiet for two minutes.

Sleep Sheep Sound Machine
The Sleep Sheep is a plush stuffed animal that is also a sleep machine.

Removable sound box produces four "white noise" sounds

The "heart" of the Sleep Sheep is the removable soundbox that is stored in its back. Simply push the button of the sound you'd like to hear (mother's heartbeat, rain, ocean waves, or whale songs) and then adjust the volume accordingly. There's even a sleep timer that automatically turns off the soundbox after 23 or 45 minutes.

When your little one is falling fast asleep on their own and no longer needs the Sleep Sheep's sounds, simply remove the sound box and they've got a huggable stuffed animal for years to come.

Sleep Sheep Sound Machine Cutout
The removable soundbox provides the heartbeat of the Sleep Sheep.
It also provides the rain, ocean waves, and whale songs.

Sleep Sheep easily attaches to crib or bedpost

The velcro strap makes it easy to attach the Sleep Sheep to a crib or bedpost. This way you can keep the Sleep Sheep within earshot of your baby, but out of the crib itself.

Sleep Sheep velcro strap easily attaches to bedpost or crib
Attach the Sleep Sheep to the crib or a bedpost with the velcro strap.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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