Slot Shots: Shot glasses with built-in dividers.

Slot Shots Divided Shot Glasses

Four shot glasses with built-in dividers.

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Bring the fun to any party with Slot Shots!

This set of four shot glasses features recessed internal walls to create equally-sized compartments for serving shots in a fun and unique way.

Featuring two or three segments in each shot glass, Slot Shots are outdoor-safe thanks to their durable acrylic design.

No matter the occasion or the season, Slot Shots will enhance the celebration with ten double-sided recipe coasters (featuring 20 recipes in total).

The set includes four shot glasses (two with two compartments, two with three compartments), ten recipes per configuration, and a quick-pour spout for effortless pouring.

Features & specs

  • Divided compartments deliver unique drink infusions
  • Recessed internal walls for easy sipping
  • Includes a total of 4 shot glasses
  • Four glass set: two with 1/2 dividers, two with 1/3 dividers
  • Twenty recipes (ten double-sided coasters)
  • Made from durable, outdoor-safe acrylic
  • Includes a quick-pour spout for easy pouring
  • Capacity: 1.5 oz (44 mL) per glass

Serve shots in a unique and fun way!

Slot Shots are just like regular shot glasses except way awesomer! Recessed internal walls create compartments to serve shooters in a fun and unique way.

With either two or three compartments in each shot glass, mixing everyone's favorite drinks using the included recipe coasters is a cinch.

Slot Shot being filled with included drink pourer.
Slot Shots provide a more civilized way to experience delicious shots.

Expand your horizons with twenty included recipes

Slot Shots is all about having fun. To that end, each set includes ten double-sided and color-coded recipe coasters.

So instead of summoning super-human strength to keep down shots of Kentucky Tavern whiskey, try exciting flavor combos like the Polar Bear, the Candy Corn, and the Washington Apple. Or serve up classic cocktails (like a kamikaze) in shot-sized portions.

Each set of Slot Shots includes 10 double-sided recipe coasters.
Ten double-sided recipe coasters intuitively illustrate twenty delicious multi-ingredient shots.

It's "shot heaven" in a box

Each set of Slot Shots includes four glasses (two with two compartments and two with three compartments), a pouring spout, and ten mini double-sided recipe coasters.

The full contents of the Slot Shots set is shown.
Slot Shots includes all of the goodies illustrated above (even the pour spout!).

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do they only work with liquors?

Answer: Yes. Pouring in a non-alcoholic liquid will cause the glass to instantly shatter into 27 pieces. And if you believe that, I'd love to get you on the phone to talk with my friend, a Nigerian prince, who needs a bank account number to park a few million dollars into.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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