Slush Mug: Create a slushee at home in minutes
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The Original Slush Mug

Turns your favorite beverage into a Slushee in minutes.

The Original Slush Mug
The Original Slush Mug image
The Original Slush Mug image
The Original Slush Mug image
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  • The Original Slush Mug
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The Original Slush Mug - Blue
This item has been discontinued.
The Original Slush Mug - Purple
This item has been discontinued.
The Original Slush Mug - Red
This item has been discontinued.
The Original Slush Mug - Teal
This item has been discontinued.


This item has been replaced by the Slushy Maker.

The amazing Slush Mug turns nearly any beverage into a Slushee in just a few minutes. Because the Slush Mug doesn't use ice or a blender, it doesn't water down your Slushee like other products.

The Slush Mug's secret to creating Slushees with the perfect consistency is its patented Glaciercore. Simply freeze the Glaciercore and then add any naturally sweetened beverage to create a Slushee in minutes.

Slush Mugs are made in the USA and feature a manufacturer's lifetime guarantee. Available in red, blue, teal, and purple.

Features & specs

  • Makes a Slushee in minutes
  • 12 ounce capacity
  • Does not require ice or a blender
  • Works on any naturally sweetened beverage
  • Made in the USA
  • Manufacturer lifetime guarantee
  • Spoon not included

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Turn your favorite beverage into a Slushee!

The Slush Mug can turn nearly any beverage into a Slushee in just minutes. You want a Coke Slushee? Done. How about a Sunkist Slushee? No problemo. Hawaiian Punch? Done-zo. Root beer? Check.  We could go on all day.  The point is that you can turn nearly any beverage into a delicious frozen treat in about 6 minutes with the Slush Mug.

So, what can't the Slush Mug turn into a Slushee? Answer: artificially sweetened beverages. Basically, the only thing the Slush Mug won't work with are diet sodas.

Slush Mug Slurpee maker turns your beverage into a homeade Slurpee
Pour nearly any beverage into the Slush Mug's GlacierCore to turn it into a Slushee.

The secret is in the patented Glaciercore

The Slush Mug actually consists of two parts: the Glaciercore and the Plastic Mug.  The secret to creating perfect Slushees rests within the Glaciercore. Simply freeze the core, pour your beverage into it, and presto-change-o, you've got a Slushee. 

A super-freezing and non-toxic refrigerant is permanently sealed inside the Glaciercore. This makes it possible for the Glaciercore to freeze your beverage to super-frosty Slushee-making temperatures. In fact, the Glaciercore cools your drink to 34ºF (and at the same time crystallizes the ingredients in your beverage) without watering it down.

The Glaciercore is designed to fit in most freezer doors.

Slush Mug slurpee maker
The secret to creating Slushees with the Slush Mug lies within the patented Glaciercore.

Enjoy Slushees anywhere with the Slush Mug

The Slush Mug is incredibly easy to use.  Just freeze the Glaciercore, pour in your beverage, and wait about 6 minutes (stirring occasionally) until your Slushee is ready to eat.  It's basically a hand-held Slush maker!

You can now enjoy a refreshing Slushee, made from your favorite non-diet beverage, at any time. Relaxing on the couch? Have a Slushee.  Hanging out by the pool? Have a Slushee. Reading about your favorite Slushee-making product on your favorite website? Have a Slushee.

Turn your beverage into a homemade slushee with the Slush Mug Slush Maker
Enjoy a tasty Slushee anytime with the Slush Mug.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: So, can I make a Mountain Dew Slushee?

Answer: Yes. As long as the beverage isn't diet, it should make a great Slushee.  Here's a short list of some of our favorite Slushees:

  • Root Beer
  • Sunkist
  • Coke / Pepsi
  • Grape Juice
  • White Russians (you read that right)
  • Hawaiian Punch
  • Nestle Quick
  • Cream Soda
  • Creamsicle (Orange Juice, Milk, and Vanilla)
  • Coffee

Question: How long will the Slushee last?

Answer: The Glaciercore will keep your Slushee in that perfectly slushed state for up to two hours.

Question: Does the Glaciercore ever go bad?

Answer: No. However, if something should happen, the manufacturer backs the Slush Mug with a lifetime warranty.

Question: How does it work?

Answer: The patented non-toxic refrigerant sealed inside the Glaciercore lowers the temperature of the beverage to 34ºF.  At this temperature, the ingredients in the drink crystallize and turn the drink into a Slushee.  Unlike ice, the Slush Mug won't water down your drink.

Question: Why couldn't I just add a bunch of ice to my drink and blend it?

Answer: Because that's not a Slushee.  That would be more like a snow cone, but not as good.  The Glaciercore cools down the drink and causes the crystalization (Slushee effect) without watering down your drink.

Question: How long does it take to freeze the Glaciercore?

Answer: That depends on the temperature of your freezer, but it normally takes about six hours.  If you're worried about not being able to make enough Slushees to satisfy your cravings, buy two!  Or, after you create each Slushee, pour the contents into a bowl and toss the Glaciercore back into the freezer.  If you've only had it out of the freezer for a few minutes, it shouldn't take long to re-freeze the core.

Question: Is the Slush Mug dishwasher safe?

Answer: Maybe. It's best to hand wash the Glaciercore as some new dishwashers reach such high temperatures that they may deform the core.

Question: So, is the Slush Mug a slush maker, slushy maker, slushie maker, slushee maker, or icee maker?

Answer: All of the above! Whether your spell it slushy, slushie, or slushee, the Slush Mug is going to make one and it's going to taste darn good.

Question: Where can I buy the Slush Mug?

Answer: Are you serious? We didn't make this web page for our health.  We made it to sell you the Slush Mug! So, pick your style below and click 'Add to Cart'!

Available in several colors

Slush Mugs are available in blue, red, purple, and teal.

Blue Slush MugRed Slush MugPurple Slush MugTeal Slush Mug

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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