Sphero 2.0: App-enabled Robotic Sphere
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Sphero 2.0

The app-enabled robotic sphere that does it all!

Sphero 2.0
Sphero 2.0 image
Sphero 2.0 image
Sphero 2.0 image
Sphero 2.0 image
Sphero 2.0 image
Sphero 2.0 image
Sphero 2.0 image
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If you could only have one toy for the rest of your life, the best choice would have to be the Sphero 2.0. This app-enabled wonder ball is a robot, a game system, a remote controlled car, and just about anything else you want it to be.

You can control the Sphero with 25 apps and counting! Drive it off of a ramp, play an augmented reality game, and even program it to perform a light show with its integrated LED light. Just connect the ball to an Android or iOS device via Bluetooth and get rolling.

The Sphero is waterproof and shock-resistant so you can take it just about anywhere. And when it’s time to get back to work, the ball charges wirelessly on its inductive cradle. Seriously, this ball has it all.

Features & specs

  • iOS and Android compatible
  • 25+ (and counting!) free apps
  • 2 ramps included
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Multi-colored LED light
  • Waterproof and shock-resistant
  • Induction base charger included
  • 1 hour drive time on a single charge
  • 4.5mph (7.2kph) top speed
  • Programmable

The little robot ball that does it all

If you want a plaything you’ll never get bored with, you’ve got to check out Sphero. This thing is the Swiss Army knife of toys. It drives, it spins, it follows complex directions, it changes colors, it plays video games, and it can learn new tricks with over 30 different apps!

You control the Sphero with a smartphone or tablet via bluetooth, giving you up to 90 feet of floor-exploring excitement. If that still doesn’t satisfy your need for fun, you can actually develop your own apps for Sphero! Seriously, this thing laughs in the face of boredom.

Sphero ball launches off of the included ramp
Jump into action and get playing with Sphero!

Inside or outside, Sphero is built for fun

When your quest for adventure takes you to the great outdoors, Sphero comes prepared with a waterproof shell that can take puddles, ponds, or a pooch’s slobber.

Try placing it into some still water and let it swim to the other side. The spinning action of the ball can actually propel it through an aquatic landscape.

Sphero is also shock-resistant, meaning you don’t have to avoid those rocks you tend to find on dry land.

Sphero ball is dropped into a puddle
Tough terrain, water, and slobber? No problem for Sphero!

Turns corners and heads

This little robotic ball is nimble, fast, and oh-so-attractive. The LED lights inside of Sphero’s shell can be programmed to any color or pattern you want.

Nestled alongside those LED lights are a gyroscope and an accelerometer that allow Sphero to navigate quickly through tight spaces.

Programmable LED lights
That’s one flashy entrance!

Let Sphero take you into another realm

Augmented reality apps are a mind-blowing reminder of the power of technology, so of course this incredible robot introduces you to a whole new type of game.

Using the camera on your smartphone or tablet, the Sphero becomes Sharky the Beaver. Suddenly your living room is a place where Sharky (with your help) can run around and collect cupcakes. And if that's not gruesome enough, download the free Rolling Dead app to turn your Sphero into a fireball-shooting zombie killer.

It’s like playing pretend only awesomer!

Hot apps comin’ up!

Did we mention there are a ton of ways to play with this little guy? Sphero boasts a universe of over 30 apps and growing.

Turn your house into a golf course with Sphero Golf, create a work of art and have Sphero draw it with Draw N’ Drive, or use Sphero as a controller and play Flappyball.

Sphero is currently compatible with Android and iOS.

iPad screen displaying Sphero apps
Over 30 apps keep the good times rolling!

Compact and complex

Inside of that durable shell is a host of gadgets that allow Sphero to connect, drive, play and think. It wouldn’t be a robot without all of that high-tech hardware in there. And while we won’t bore you with all the names of the components, they are what make Sphero cutting edge and fun to experiment with.

Take it to the limit at 4.5mph, charge it wirelessly, and program it to do what you want. Is this the future? You bet it is!

A look inside of Sphero and its features
It takes guts to play with Sphero.

Getting started with Sphero

In addition to a pair of ramps, Sphero also comes with an inductive tabletop charger that works wirelessly—just set it on the charger and the ball will glow green when it is all charged up and ready to roll.

Sphero comes with a ramp, docking station, and charger.
Awesome accessories!

Question: How long will Sphero last on a charge?

Answer: Sphero’s endurance depends on how hard you push it, but we found the battery can handle about an hour of non-stop action and takes about three hours to recharge.

Question: Can this thing do my homework?

Answer: While Sphero can do some amazing things, it still can’t help you write your book report on Tale of Two Cities—yet.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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