Air Swimmers: Remote Control Flying Fish
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Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Fish

Amazing R/C Flying Fish with 360-degree control.

Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Fish
Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Fish image
Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Fish image
Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Fish image
Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Fish image
Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Fish image
Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Fish image
Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Fish image
Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Fish image
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Air Swimmers - Shark
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Air Swimmers - Clownfish
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Air Swimmers are like blimps on 'roids. These supremely large helium balloons feature remote-controlled tail fins that allow you to propel them through the air as if they're swimming in the sea. You can even raise or lower the 57-inch "balloons" mid-air via the remote.

Each Air Swimmer is made from ultra-durable nylon, which means it can stay aloft for weeks at a time. Its one-way valve allows for easy filling, emptying, and re-filling.

Easy operation for kids 8 and up thanks to a simple infra-red remote that features only two buttons (left/right and climb/dive). Available in two styles: Clownfish and Great White Shark.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 57" (with tail) x 36" (with fins) x 24" (approximate)
  • Infra-red controller range: 40 feet
  • Indoor use only
  • Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Requires helium for inflation (not included)
  • Available styles: Clownfish and Great White Shark
  • Some assembly required
  • Ages 8+

World's most awesome balloon / blimp / fish-craft!

Air Swimmers are amazing fish that literally swim through the air. You have complete up, down, and 360-degree control via a simple infra-red remote.

Kids and adults will have a blast roaming their homes, offices, and parties with the smooth-flying and lifelike Air Swimmers.

Air Swimmer Clownfish flying in a living room.
Use the remote control to direct the realistic swimming motion of the inflatable Air Swimmer.

Two button remote = easy to operate

The Air Swimmer remote has two rocker buttons that control the balloon's height and tail movement. Propel your fish by wagging its tail fin left and right. Hold down the button to one side to perform quick turns.

To adjust the height of your Air Swimmer, press the "Dive" or "Climb" buttons. Doing so moves the signal receiver along the track on the underside of the fish. This shift in weight causes the Air Swimmer to raise or lower in mid-air.

Air Swimmers are easy to fly with the simple remote control.
The Air Swimmer remote control is very easy to use.

Gloriously huge!

Air Swimmers are not your average balloon. Not only can you fly them around as if they're swimming through the air, but they're big. Really big. Like 5-feet-long big.

While this may seem unwieldy, rest assured that you can control them quite precisely. You can easily swim down hallways and make smooth 90-degree turns through doorways.

Air Swimmers are huge helium aircraft!
Despite being nearly five feet long, Air Swimmers are quite nimble.

Lifelike swimming movements

You control the Air Swimmer's large tail fin with the included remote. Simply rock the tail button left and right to propel your fish through the air. You'll be amazed at how much its movements emulate those of real fish.

You control the wag of the tail to produce realistic swimming motions.
Move the tail fin back and forth to smoothly propel your fish through the air.

Simple to control its altitude

Air Swimmers come with a small slab of putty. You will insert a small amount of it into the gray receiver unit that is attached to the underside of the fish in order to keep it from floating away.

Once you have established neutral buoyancy (balance), making your Air Swimmer climb and dive is simple.

Press the "Climb" or "Dive" button on the remote to move the receiver (which holds the included putty that serves as ballast) to shift the center of gravity. This will cause the Air Swimmer to rise or fall in the air. Pretty awesome.

The receiver also holds ballast which can be moved along a track to control the height of the Air SWimmer.
Move the receiver unit along the track to control the Air Swimmer's height.

Fill, empty, & refill as often as you like

Helium is rather inexpensive and can be found at any party store, grocery shop, or florist that sells balloons. For just a few bucks, you can have your Air Swimmer fully inflated. The durable nylon material will stay afloat for weeks!

Unlike single-use balloons, however, you can easily deflate your Air Swimmer and store it for reuse. Its one-way valve means emptying and refilling the balloon is easy. You can even insert a straw into the valve and blow a few breaths into the Air Swimmer to extend the fill-up for another week or so.

The Air Swimmer features a one-way valve which makes filling, emptying, and refilling easy.
The one-way valve makes it easy to fill, empty, and refill the Air Swimmer.

Cleverly designed remote also anchors your Air Swimmer

As helium inevitably escapes from the balloon, you will need to remove some of the putty from the receiver in order to maintain neutral buoyancy. The remote control for the Air Swimmer cleverly features a small compartment for storing your extra putty.

The remote control also houses a small clip that you can attach to the control wire on the underside of the Air Swimmer. This allows you to anchor the fish when not in use.

The remote control holds extra ballast and can be used to tie down the Air Swimmer and prevent it from floating away.
Store excess putty and prevent the Air Swimmer from floating away with the remote control.

Choose from two styles

Air Swimmers are currently available in two styles: Clownfish (aka Nemo) and Great White Shark (aka Will Rip Your Face Off).

Air Swimmers are currently available in two styles: Clownfish and Shark.
Collect both styles of Air Swimmers: Clownfish and Great White Shark.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I fill it up?

Answer: All you need is helium, which is readily available at any store that sells balloons. We filled ours at Party City, but you can also get them filled at most grocery stores or floral shops. Helium is not very expensive. It cost us about $2 to fill it up. You can purchase disposable helium tanks online, but we've found it far less expensive to simply purchase a filling from a balloon store.

Question: Will it fit in my car?

Answer: Yes, Air Swimmers (once inflated) will easily fit into any size car (except maybe a Smart Car).

Question: Will it pop easily?

Answer: No. The durable nylon material can take quite a beating.

Question: How long will it last before the helium escapes?

Answer: A fully inflated Air Swimmer will last for about 2-3 weeks. However, you can easily extend its life for another week by inserting a straw into the valve and blowing a bit of air into it.

Question: Can it be reused?

Answer: Yes! The one-way valve allows you to empty the helium and store the Air Swimmer until you're ready to use it again.

Question: What happens if I lost the putty?

Answer: Frankly, anything can be used as ballast. You could use sand, rolled up pieces of paper, marbles, or anything that can fit into the ballast reservoir in the receiver. Putty is excellent because it's easy to make both large and fine weight adjustments.

Question: Do you need gigantic bait to catch fish this big?

Answer: It certainly helps.

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