Spinning Magnetic Orbs: Magnetic spheres that behave in weird and wonderful ways
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Spinning Magnetic Orbs

Magnetic spheres that behave in weird and wonderful ways.

This item has been discontinued.

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Exploring the invisible world of magnetism is just one of the reasons Spinning Magnetic Orbs are so difficult to put down.

Each orb is a transparent plastic shell with a pair of gimbal-mounted rare earth magnets nested inside. The system allows the magnets to respond to magnetic fields independent of their casing, mimicking magnetic properties on an atomic scale, while allowing you to see the mechanism at work.

Despite their small size, the powerful magnet inside the Orbs can interact with magnetic fields up to a foot away. Educational and entertaining at the same time, Spinning Magnetic Orbs enable you to investigate the magnetic world in new ways.

To get you started, the set also comes with two hollow proxy spheres which each contain a free ball magnet inside. Watch how the spheres interact with one another or with the proxy spheres and magnetically attracted objects around you. Spin them, slide them, collide them, and glide them for a result that's fascinating and fun at the same time.

An excellent gift for the engineer or scientist in your life, the set includes two Spinning Orb magnetic spheres, two magnetic proxy spheres, and a wooden display stand.

Features & specs

  • Gimbal-mounted magnetic sphere with transparent shell x 2
  • Encased ferrite magnet proxies x 2
  • Wooden display stand
  • Color-coded north/south indicators on Spinning Orbs
  • Dimensions: 1.65” (42mm) diameter per orb
  • Weight: 1.8 oz (51g)
  • Recommended age: 8+

Magnetic Magic

If you’re anything like us, you might take a look at this image and think, “What the H?” What’s happening here is fascinating, but it doesn’t break any known physical laws.

Each Spinning Magnetic Orb is a pair of strong magnets mounted in a gimbal that allows them to spin while the transparent shell that houses them remains still.

The magnets have freedom of rotation both up and down and side to side.

Take them for a spin

A look inside the transparent shell reveals two different rare earth magnets, one gray and one yellow, mounted inside a set of nested gimbals.

The different colors of magnets represent the positive and negative poles of the system, and the rotating gimbals allow the magnetic pair to freely rotate 360º about each axis simultaneously. You can watch the magnets interact as if they were suspended in space even when you’re holding them!

Gimbal-mounted rare-earth magnets allow the poles to rotate 360º along each axis.

Just Roll with It

It’s fascinating how your grip on a Spinning Magnetic Orb doesn’t get in the way of its response to magnetic fields. But things get really interesting when you set the included pair free and let them interact with one another.

As they spin together locked in a magnetic embrace, their relative position and orientation remains unchanged even as the seam on the shell turns one way and the ring inside spins in another.

Just magnets doin’ what magnets do.

The Closest Thing to Mind Control

You can make Spinning Magnetic Orbs roll without ever touching them, and even steer them, by guiding them with a magnet suspended from above. You’ll feel like you’ve tapped into psychokinetic powers as you hold one orb in your hand and make another orb slide and spin on a tabletop.

Basically, a tractor beam.

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to the pair of gimbal-mounted Spinning Magnetic Spheres, each set also comes with a pair of proxy spheres.

These proxies are the same size as Spinning Magnetic Spheres, and each contains a round magnet inside of the hollow spheres. These can be used to expand the possibilities of how you interact with Spinning Magnetic Spheres. Additionally, you’ll also get a handsome wooden display to set your Spheres on when you’re not fidgeting with them.

The set includes two self-aligning magnet spheres, two magnetic proxies, and a wooden base.
One set includes a pair of Spinning Magnetic Orbs, a pair of proxy orbs, and a wooden display stand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Would you make a video answering some of your customers' inquiries?

Answer: Certainly!

Burning Questions for the Spinning Magnetic Orbs

Question: Do they levitate?

Answer: We’ve got a few different gifts for you to check out if you’re interested in magnetic levitation, but Spinning Magnetic Orbs are not made with levitation in mind. They sure are fun to spin, though!

Question: What’s inside the gray balls?

Answer: The gray proxy balls contain spherical magnets that give you more attractive stuff to play with. Containing a free-rolling magnet inside the hollow shell, they’re less sophisticated than Spinning Magnetic Orbs, but they give you a chance to experiment with the Orbs.

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