Star Wars Battling Drones: Battling quadcopters styled after Star Wars ships.
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Star Wars Battling Drones

Battling quadcopters styled after Star Wars ships.

Star Wars Battling Drones
Star Wars Battling Drones image
Star Wars Battling Drones image
Star Wars Battling Drones image
Star Wars Battling Drones image
Star Wars Battling Drones image
Star Wars Battling Drones image
Star Wars Battling Drones image
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Star Wars Battling Drones Display Case
Peep This: Star Wars Battling Drones | Ep. #20
Outrageous Christmas Prank!
  • Star Wars Battling Drones
  • Watch video for: Star Wars Battling Drones
  • Video: Star Wars Battling Drones Display Case
  • Video: Peep This: Star Wars Battling Drones | Ep. #20
  • Video: Outrageous Christmas Prank!
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Who hasn't dreamed of piloting an X-Wing and taking down the Death Star? Or, if you're a fan of one of the most menacing movie villains of all time, taking the controls of Darth Vader's TIE fighter and destroying rebel scum?

Power up the engines and take flight in quadcopters replicated after ships of the Star Wars universe. Use the agility of your Speeder Bike to zip around the forest moon, fly at breakneck speeds through a trench to deliver devastating damage in your X-Wing, or use the push button barrel roll to evade the enemy in your very own advanced TIE fighter. All of these incredible flying machines can easily make the Kessel Run at a blinding 35 miles per hour.

Each intricately detailed quadcopter's flight characteristics are tuned for battle with other drones. Fire IR blasts to disable enemy ships or upgrade your weapons system with a laser module for expert dogfights. Of course, that is if you can bear to take these collector-quality battle quads out of the included display case complete with light illumination and soundtracks.

Features & specs

  • RC drones styled after Star Wars vehicles
  • Max speed: 35 mph (56 kph)
  • Reverse propulsion blade system pushes craft up from below
  • Connect to your phone or tablet using embedded Bluetooth
  • Access to smart device app for advanced flight simulation instruction (coming soon)
  • Battle other drones with embedded infrared beams
  • Includes faction-themed (Rebel Alliance or Empire) remote control based on craft type
  • Includes collector's display box that lights up and plays movie-accurate sound tracks when opened
  • Upgrade battles with laser module (sold separately)
  • Officially licensed
  • Note: This item ships in its own packaging

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Long, long ago in your own living room….

Star Wars is more than just a series of movies; it's a cultural phenomenon that has thrilled generations of people. And now you can take part in the saga in a whole new way when you take the controls of a Star Wars Battle Quad. Each tiny indoor drone is styled after an iconic ship from Star Wars. The beautifully detailed ships fly incredibly fast, maneuver with tight control, and interact with other quads in battles where you can safely shoot the enemy out of the sky!

Yes, you really get to fly an X-Wing.

Hyperdrive included

Star Wars Battle Quads can achieve flight speeds of up to 35 mph. Their unique reverse propulsion system puts the four rotors on the bottom of the aircraft. Not only does this preserve the aesthetics of the Star Wars ships, but it also gives them incredible performance in both speed and maneuverability.

To help you stay on target, the ships have varying speed limiters and a barometric pressure sensor to control altitude stability. Once you’ve learned how to become a squad leader, remove the limitations and start blasting ships out of the sky.

Realistic, advanced controls!
Practically lightspeed. 

Pick your side

Each Battle Quad has the ability to battle in a melee of up to 12 ships. The drones are equipped with a built-in infrared blaster and receiver, allowing you to maneuver your ship behind another quad, fire your blasters, and take it down. After three direct hits, the disabled ship will safely descend to the ground.

Infrared battling!
These battle drones are fully armed and operational.

Use the force (and the controller)

Precise attention to detail has been paid to every element of Star Wars Battle Quads, including the controller. Each controller has either a Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance theme, depending on which ship you choose. The intuitive joystick controls give you freedom of movement on three different axes. The controller is full of useful features like a smartphone holder and a light saber themed screwdriver as well as surprising elements like haptic feedback, voice announcements, and even a soundtrack!

Realistic, advanced controls!
"Control, control, you must learn control!"

Simple somersaults

Battle Quads' controllers hold even more secrets. Triggers at the top of the controller allow you to fire your weapons in battle, and additional bumper buttons enable your craft to execute a perfect barrel roll with a simple trigger squeeze. The 360º aerial stunt is an amazing feat on its own, and it comes in handy when outmaneuvering the enemy in battle.

Now you can finally shake him.

Collectors' quality display case

Each Battle Quad comes enshrined in an incredibly well-made display case. Remove the wax seal and open the cover to be greeted by your drone, attractively presented at an angle resting under a lucite box. Lifting the cover simultaneously illuminates the box and plays one of several sound bites and soundtracks pulled directly from the Star Wars films. The sounds are different for each ship style and are specific to the ship you chose.

The display case is recharged using the same included cable that charges your quadcopters' batteries.

It’s like John Williams is in your room.

Charge while you fly

Each Battle Quad comes with a pair of lithium-ion batteries specifically designed for that drone, seamlessly fitting into its detailed exterior. The result is a completely authentic-looking replica of the ship that can actually take flight. Each lightweight battery provides nearly ten minutes of flight time and can be recharged on the included charger in about forty minutes.

Additionally, each quadcopter comes with a matching cover for the battery compartment for use while your Battle Quad is in its display case.

Rechargeable Li-ion batteries
Unfortunately, twin ion engines aren't a real thing.

Detailed drones

Each officially licensed Star Wars Battle Drone has been replicated from its film counterpart in extreme detail, down to the R2 unit peeking out of the X-Wing. The physical forms have been reproduced and hand painted with stunning results, recreating the ships for you to fly.

composite image of Advanced TIE, X-Wing, and Speeder Bike quads displaying their detail
They look good enough to be models, but they fly too!

Select your ship

Star Wars Battle Quads are currently available in three styles: T-65 X-Wing starfighter, TIE Advanced X1, and 74-Z Speeder Bike.

TIE Advanced X1, 74-Z Speeder Bike, T-65 X-Wing
Defend the glory of the Empire or become a freedom fighter for the Rebels.

Star Wars Battling Drones: Unboxing

Jon and Joey, members of the Vat19 video team, take a first look at these officially licensed battling drones.

Jon and Joey take a first look at the Star Wars Battling Drones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the phone holder for?

Answer: The controller's extendable smart device cradle will allow you to use your phone as a display for kill-death statistics during battles. The free app will be available soon (possibly early 2017).

Question: Are they durable?

Answer: These quadcopters are made from a flexible polymer that will enable you to battle your ship while maintaining its astounding paint job.

Question: Are these safe for kids?

Answer: The recommended age is 14+. While the propellers do have an auto-shut off when they feel resistance, handling drones is still not safe for small children.

What would happen if Darth Vader replaced Santa Claus?

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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