Star Wars 3D Metal Model Kits
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Star Wars 3D Metal Model Kits

Officially licensed 3D Metal Model kits.

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Star Wars Metal Earth Models are small-scale replicas of the machines from the ever-popular sci-fi franchise.

Each model is made from a pair of completely flat laser-etched steel sheets. To build, pop out the pieces and then bend, fold, and assemble them together using the illustrated instructions as a guide.

Metal Earth models require no special tools or glue thanks to their ingenious slot and tab design. Because they're laser-etched, each palm-sized Star Wars 3D Model is stunningly detailed.

Choose from four models: TIE Fighter, R2-D2, Millennium Falcon, and AT-AT.

Features & specs

  • Material: steel
  • Requires no glue or solder
  • Officially licensed
  • Laser-etched
  • Choose from 4 models
  • Recommended ages 14+

From steel sheets to museum quality 3D models

With Metal Earth 3D Model Kits, you can create realistic miniature models from the greatest sci-fi trilogy of all cinema.

Each kit starts out as two completely flat metal sheets which have been laser-cut and laser-etched. Simply pop out the pieces and connect them using tabs and holes.

Bend and fold flat sheets of laser-etched steel into 3D Star Wars models.
Transform a few sheets of laser-etched steel into 3D Star Wars models.

Small size, big details!

Star Wars Metal Earth models are miniature in size only. The detail (thanks, lasers!) allows each model to take on a life of its own. They're truly spectacular!

Star Wars Metal Earth Models are incredibly detailed.
Despite their small size, Metal Earth Star Wars Models are bursting with detail.

No tools, glue, or solder required

Assembling a Star Wars 3D Metal Model Kit requires no special tools, glue, or metal solder.

However, we have found that a pair of pliers or tweezers can make precise assemblies a tad easier. In our experience, it'll take you a few hours to complete each model.

Man putting together two pieces of the R2-D2 Metal Earth 3D Model.
Assembly requires no special tools. You may find a pair of pliers useful, however.

Looks better than a carbonite Han Solo on your mantle!

Take a gander at those beauts below! It's okay — you can go ahead and write home about these amazing museum quality models.

Star Wars Metal Earth Models displayed on a shelf.
Star Wars is awesome. So let the haters hate, and display your hand-made creations with pride!

Collect all four officially licensed models!

Star Wars Metal Earth models are currently available in four styles: Darth's TIE Fighter, Artoo, the Millennium Falcon, and the AT-AT.

Expect to spend a few hours building each model.

ModelSheetsSkill LevelDimensions
TIE Fighter2Moderate2.5" x 2.25" x 1.75"
R2-D22Moderate2.5" x 2" x 3"
Millennium Falcon2Moderate2.85" x 3.65" x 1.1"
AT-AT2Moderate3" x 0.95" x 2.75"

Multiple views of all Star Wars Metal Earth 3D Models.
Star Wars 3D Metal Model Kits are available in four styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do the completed models move?

Answer: No, the models are for display purposes. Incidentally, they look great atop a Levitron.

Question: Exactly how long will they take to build?

Answer: Depending on your model-building skill, it could take you several hours. Each of the two-sheet Star Wars models are of equal difficulty. If you're looking for something easier, a few of our other Metal Earth models are made from only one sheet of steel.

Question: What is the recommended age?

Answer: The manufacturer recommends solo builders be ages 14+. However, younger children could build these models with adult assistance.

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