Stick'R Frames: Removable and Reusable Sticker Picture Frames
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Stick'R Frames Removable & Reusable Picture Frames

Removable and reusable decorative picture frame wall decals (set of 8).

Stick'R Frames Reusable Picture Frames
Stick'R Frames Reusable Picture Frames image
Stick'R Frames Reusable Picture Frames image
Stick'R Frames Reusable Picture Frames image
Stick'R Frames Reusable Picture Frames image
Stick'R Frames Reusable Picture Frames image
Stick'R Frames Reusable Picture Frames image
Stick'R Frames Reusable Picture Frames image
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Stick'R Frames are an inexpensive, fun, and versatile alternative to traditional picture frames. With Stick'R Frames, you can stylishly decorate the walls of your home and office with your favorite pictures in minutes.

The special adhesive on the back of each "frame" allows you to repeatedly remove and reuse each sticker without damaging your photos or surfaces. Feel free to swap out your pictures or move Stick'R Frames to a different wall as often as you'd like.

Includes eight Stick'R Frame Decals in each pack: 4x6 (4), 5x7 (2), 4x4 (1), 8x10 (1). Available in sets of black or multi-colored.

Features & specs

  • Removable and reusable picture frame wall decals
  • Includes 8 stickers
  • 4x6 (4), 5x7 (2), 8x10 (1), 4x4 (1)
  • Made from adhesive vinyl
  • Special adhesive won't damage photos or walls
  • Made in the USA

Stylish, removable and reusable sticker frames

Stick'R Frames are decorative picture frames that won't break the bank -- or damage your walls.

We'll admit that putting a hole or two into your wall to hang a traditional picture frame isn't that big of a deal, but the convenience, flair, and affordability of Stick'R Frames is hard to argue with.

Simply press your photo face down into the back of the Stick'R Frame and then place the sticker on your wall. Bam! That picture is hung. No hammers, no hooks, just simple style in seconds.

StickR Frames are removable and reusable sticker picture frames.
Stick'R Frames are decorative and stylish frames that can be placed in seconds.
They cannot, however, prevent you from poor judgement in terms of photo selection.

Stick and move as often as you want

We love Stick'R Frames because they are so easy to move and reuse. The adhesive won't damage your walls, so feel free to swap frames or move from wall to wall as often as your little heart desires.

StickR Frames can simply be peeled off the wall and rearranged as often as you like.
Stick'R Frames can be reused as often as you like.

Special adhesive is safe for photos and walls

New BFF? No problem. It'll only take a few seconds to swap out photos. Simply peel the frame off the wall, pull off the offending picture and swap in the new one. There won't be any sticky "gunk" left behind on the wall or the photo.

Swapping out photos is easy because the special adhesive won't damage photos or walls.
The adhesive on the Stick'R Frame won't damage your photos or surfaces.

Perfect for a variety of décors

Stick'R Frames Wall Decals are great accent pieces in the office, kitchen, or kid's room.

StickR Frame Sticker Picture Frames are stylish in any decor.
Stick'R Frame Picture Frame Decals compliment nearly any decor.

Decorate your gadgets, too!

Did you catch a giant tarpon using a 26" long gummy worm? You can't keep that story to yourself!

Broadcast it everywhere you go by sticking that glorious photo to the top of your laptop, the back of your iPad, or simply call attention to it on your refrigerator with a decorative Stick'R Frame.

StickR Frames can be applied nearly anywhere.
Add a bit of style to your gadgets with Stick'R Frames.

Commemorate a special trip

Several of the Stick'R Frames include small spaces to write a note below the picture. We also like the idea of splitting a photo across two frames, so ... check it out in the image below!

Get creative and split an image across two frames.
Highlight a memorable vacation with Stick'R Frames.

Each pack includes eight (8) Stick'R Frames

Every package of Stick'R Frame Picture Frame Wall Decals includes one each of the eight frames shown below. You'll get four 4x6's, two 5x7's, one 4x4 and one 8x10. Choose between sets of black and multi-colored frames.

A total of eight removable sticker frames are included in each order.
Choose between sets of eight black & white and eight multi-colored frames.

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*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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