Take-Out Fake-Out Lunch Bags: Restaurant parody lunch bags
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Take-Out Fake-Out Bags

Hilarious set of restaurant parody lunch bags.

Take-Out Fake-Out Bags
Take-Out Fake-Out Bags image
Take-Out Fake-Out Bags image
  • Take-Out Fake-Out Bags
This item has been discontinued.


The next time your co-worker forgets his lunch and starts snooping around the office fridge, they’ll be sure to avoid food from Budget Sushi.

Have some fun and keep your food safe from nosy neighbors when you store your meals in disposable Take-Out Fake-Out Bags, lunch sacks that feature eight different made-up and off-putting restaurants.

From Mostly Meatballs to the Lucky Flying Golden Phoenix Jade-Dragon, logos and names on each bag will confuse and amuse. Each restaurant comes with its own funny slogan like Juan for the Road’s “We have restrooms!”

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Features & specs

  • 24 bags in 8 styles
  • Material: paper
  • Dimensions (folded): 0.01" x 2.36" x 12.4" (.03cm x 6cm x 31.5cm)

Leftover lockdown

We’ve all brought leftovers into the office only to have them snatched up by roving packs of starving coworkers. But the irreverent restaurant names on Take-Out-Fake-Out Bags will keep potential lunch looters at bay. The breakroom bandit will be scared off by Budget Sushi and its “nearly perfect food poisoning record” or the uneasy promise of Mostly Meatballs—“we use mostly meat”.

With eight styles in each pack, you’ll keep the thieves guessing. And the comical containers will help set your meal apart from the sea of brown bags so you’ll never mix up your meal.

Protect your lunch
Parody protection.

Clever cuisine

The Take-Out-Fake-Out pack includes 24 bags in eight different restaurant styles. Each paper bag features the name, logo, and slogan of an imaginary eatery.

The restaurants range from the satirical (the all-natural morality of Mandala Farms) to the plain silly (Juan for the Road Drive-Thru Taco Shack). Regardless, they all put LOLz in your leftovers.

Eight fake restaurants
Yelp’s greatest hits.

Question: Are the bags reusable?

Answer: The Take-Out-Fake-Outs are standard paper bags with clever names printed on them. So, reuse them as you would any other paper bag.

Question: How many of each restaurant bag do you get?

Answer: The restaurant styles are evenly distributed, so you get three bags in each of the eight styles.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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