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Thermal Hot/Cold Serving Tray

Simple to use tray maintains your food's temperature for hours.

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This stainless steel serving tray features a heat sensitive gel core which allows warm foods to stay nice and toasty and chilled foods to remain cool and fresh.

For warming, toss the Thermal Hot/Cold Serving Tray into the oven. For cooling, the refrigerator. Place your hors d'oeuvres on the serving tray and their temperature will be maintained for hours (time varies depending on ambient temperature, of course).

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 13.5" diameter / 1" tall
  • Material: Stainless Steel (18/8 grade)
  • Non-electric thermal serving tray
  • Keeps hot foods warm and cold foods cool

Watch our Thermal Hot/Cold Serving Tray video

Keep your appetizers warmer for longer

Slide the Thermal Hot/Cold Serving Tray into the oven for as little as 5 minutes and it will provide a warm serving platter for several hours. Hopefully, your hot snacks be long gone and eaten by then. If not, your dog will still appreciate the warm treat.

Thermal Hot Cold Serving Tray keeps warm appetizers warmer for longer
The Thermal Hot/Cold Serving Tray will slow down the cooling of your hot appetizers.

Chilled hors d'oeuvres stay cool and fresh

Store the Thermal Hot/Cold Serving Tray in the fridge for an hour or two and it'll keep your killer hors d'oeuvres or mini-desserts delectably cool. If you've spent half the afternoon cooking up tasty mini-treats, there's no faster way to ruin your party than to serve them tepid.

Thermal Hot/Cold Serving Tray keeps chilled hors d'oeuvrs cool and fresh
Keep your cool treats chilled, fresh, and tasty with the Thermal Hot/Cold Serving Tray.

We ran some tests (and wrote down the results)!

Test #1: The Heat Test

First, we popped some toasted ravioli (t-ravs, for short) and pizza bagels in the oven and put them onto two different trays. What we found is that the Thermal Tray stays warm to the touch for hours, maintaining a temperature 10 degrees warmer than a standard tray.

 Thermal TrayStandard TrayTemperature Difference
Time Elapsed   
Start155 F155 F0 F
10 minutes119 F108 F11 F
20 minutes99 F89 F10 F
40 minutes93 F85 F8 F
60 minutes87 F78 F9 F

Test #2: The Cool Test

Our next test involved cream puffs and mini eclairs. That was a tasty test.

We compared the Thermal Hot/Cold Serving Tray against a standard metal serving tray to see if the gel insert inside the Thermal Hot/Cold Serving provided additional cooling power. It did!

 Thermal TrayStandard TrayTemperature Difference
Time Elapsed   
Start44 F44 F0 F
10 minutes45 F56 F11 F
20 minutes53 F60 F7 F
40 minutes59 F65 F6 F
60 minutes62 F67 F5 F

Bottom line: The Hot/Cold Serving Tray definitely works. Is it as effective as a warming lamp or a fridge? Of course not. The whole point of the product is to slow down the speed at which your appetizers or desserts return to room temperature. In that regard, the Hot/Cold Serving Tray is a winner. And it looks good, too.

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