Trick Question Game: Q&A party game with unexpected answers
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Trick Question Board Game

Q&A party game with unexpected answers.

Trick Question Game
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Trick Question Game image
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What was the first satellite to orbit the Earth? The Moon!

Trick Question is a party game chock full of questions where the correct answers are never obvious. Your team will need to have fast reflexes and fast thinking to beat the questions (and your opponents)! Riddles, wordplay, and not-so common sense are a must to win.

Figure out the trick to the question and find the right answer before the timer runs out or, if you’ve got fast fingers, put the other team on the spot and make them answer. Either way, you’re in for a night of laughter and surprises!

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Features & specs

  • Team-based quiz game
  • Every question has a trick that changes the answer to something other than the obvious
  • Includes: 100 cards (400 questions), 2 answer totems (Us! and Them!), 32 scoring tiles, and sand timer

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Think twice, answer once.

Trick Question is not an ordinary trivia game. Instead, you’re going to have to re-think your initial answer for each question to find the correct answer. For some questions, you’ll need to think outside the box. Other times, you’ll need to listen very carefully to the wording of the clue. Only one thing’s for sure: memorizing a bunch of facts won’t do you much good!

Use your not-so common sense!
Hope you brought your thinking cap to game night.

Grab Control of the Game

In Trick Question, the person with the fastest reflexes gets to choose who will answer the question.

Once the question has been read, you can grab the Us totem and have your team answer the question or reach for the Them totem if you want to bet on your opponent failing to find the right response. But be careful; if the opposing team does manage to answer correctly, they’re one point closer to victory.

Reach for victory!

What’s in the Box?!

The Trick Question box includes instructions on the lid, a sand timer, two totems for determining who answers the questions, thirty-two tiles to keep track of the score, and 400 challenging brain busters on 100 cards (with answers on the back).

Trick Question includes a box, instructions, a sand timer, 2 trickster totems, 32 scoring tiles, and 400 questions.
Round up a few friends and go a few rounds to find out who’s more clever.

Question: How hard are the questions?

Answer: All of the questions have an answer that can be reached with enough thinking (although some of them will have you slapping your leg when the timer runs out). The questions are not categorized by difficulty.

Question: Are the questions appropriate for children?

Answer: While the content of the questions is appropriate for all ages, children might grow more frustrated than adults, since the intuitive answer is almost always the wrong answer. The manufacturer recommends this game for ages fourteen and up.

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*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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